In the Light: Who is Astara


By Rev. Samantha Pennala

Astara is a church of ALL religions, a School of Ancient Wisdom, and a channel for the Aquarian Age. Astara is a “Place of Light” for the person who seeks further spiritual knowledge and progression, a deeper understanding of the cosmic and immutable laws of a Supreme Being we call, God. It is a place for such souls who are seeking deeper teachings and techniques, the steady practice of which can lead to the perfectly paced unfolding of the petals of the deepest to reveal the Jewel in the Lotus.

Astara is for seekers who yearn to understand the mysteries buried in the words of ALL scriptures. Astara is for those who seek to retain the best of the ancient past, and who would still cherish the God and religion of their childhood while embracing the mystical, esoteric teachings of all religions which can be found in the Book of Life Degree Lessons channeled by Astara’s founders, Earlyne and Robert Chaney.

For over 65 years, Astara has existed to provide its members with knowledge of the laws of the universe, so that they may learn to make decisions based upon their own Higher Guidance. Spiritual self-realization is emphasized and information is provided to enable each individual to progress spiritually.

Members tell us time and again that the best method they‘ve found for understanding the vast materials about the nature of your very being, your relation to God, to all sentient beings, cosmogony, ageless principles and so much more are found in the 176 lessons of Astara’s Book of Life. These Lessons are Ageless Wisdoms, offering in one source what some spend half a lifetime seeking through countless single-focused books and seminars. These Degree Lessons are a door to a great and helpful repository of the wisdom of great ages, philosophies, sacred texts and codes of living.

These times call for a different way of being, of doing, of moving into a sustainable, whole and loving future. We are all asked to be aware, willing and helpful participants in the changes taking place now and to come.

This is a time to organize your life in harmony with proven, eternal mystic truths which have endured throughout time. We at Astara in the Degree Lessons offer secret mental techniques of spiritual unfoldment, Self-Mastery and Illumination; how to use your “Third Eye”; teachings on the chakras, cosmic kundalini fire, the aura and its forcefields, Prana and Healing.

The Lessons explore the Power and Purpose of Breath and the use of breath in meditation and spiritual practice. They go over a comprehensive view of life processes including birth, death, and the afterlife, and they explain the “whole person”, divine and human, the Monad, your higher bodies, immortality and regeneration, how to self-heal.

You are welcome at Astara. Whatever your religion, or if you have none at all, you are invited to pursue your spiritual search through Astara. Let this “channel of light” help you see the path of life in its true glory and its true possibilities. People from all faiths study esoteric teachings and mystic philosophy through Astara.

In this new Aquarian Age we are tasked with finding the source of truth and wisdom within ourselves and not outside of ourselves as we did in the Piscean Age. Astara is a wonderful way to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. To find out more about Astara go to our website— and look around.

You may enjoy our weekly inspirational service which airs new each Sunday at 11am Pacific Time, and can also be seen on our youtube channel starting the following Monday at:

If you search for that “deeper something”…. you may wish to discover for yourself the joys and riches in Astara.

For more information, contact Rev. Samantha Pennala at or call: 909-948-7412.



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