The Astrology of December 21, 2012


What I’ve learned about the predictions surrounding December 21, 2012 from the perspective of Western astrology is that, while we are indeed in a significant time period, it is about more than just one day. We’re in a change over from one astrological Age to another which takes hundreds of years, and also the years 2012-2016 are extremely important.
When I ran the chart for December 21, 2012, the first thing that I saw was that we haven’t finished with this Age of Pisces and we’ll be dealing with the karma of this Age for years. We only have to look back at our bloody history to know that our collective karma is, on the whole, not pretty and so we can expect some continuing chaotic conditions but it is certainly not all bad.
The chart contains a rare Yod aspect (an aspect is the relationship between planets) that is known as ‘the Finger of God’. A Yod means the bringing to light of a new reality on this physical realm – deep, transformative and lasting. However, like all the aspects, it is only potential until we make it into a reality through our efforts.
The chart has a strong Capricorn Sun with some challenging aspects, and some harmonious. There is an important and harmonious aspect to magical Neptune indicating that there is potential for Spirituality. This theme is compounded by the fact that Pisces is rising, the sign associated with mysticism, medication, subtle energy and healing.
The chart also tells us that we are living on borrowed time and need to realize that. We can’t go on consuming without any thought for what it is doing to the Earth.
At the core of this chart there is potential for a shift in consciousness for humanity. It is also clear that to carve a Spiritual future will take work on our individual and collective parts. We won’t just become enlightened overnight.
I have devised a class on “Empower Yourself with Spiritual Astrology” that is designed to help us grow Spiritually by becoming more conscious of the helpful and empowering energies of the planets and planetary cycles.
This Class will be taught on Thursday, December 13, at 4021 Maple, Ste. 107, Bloomfield Hills, MI (Maple and Telegraph; offices W. of Telegraph on N Side).
Chrissie Blaze



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