The Universe Is Aligned For You


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a key to unlock the door that leads to everything you ever wanted in your life? Such a key exists. Each of us already possesses it. It was given to you before you were born. The key is simple to use, just turn it and unlock the door. But if it is so easy to use, then why doesn’t everyone use it?

You Are Such Wonderful Beings
Each of us has so much potential to realize so much more in our lives. Is this not what we all want?
The key to accessing your potential lies within you. You must understand the choices you made in life to let go of, or hold on to, the story of who you temporarily decided you would be. Our stories have made us who we think we are. As long as we are not imprisoned by our stories, we can learn from them and move on to create anew. How do you know if you are imprisoned? Here are a few hints:
• You react to life rather than respond
• You are quick to anger
• You have low energy
• Nights are restless or sleepless
• You try to fill the void in your life with food, alcohol or shopping
• You feel a negative emotional charge when you reflect on past events in your life
• You are worried for your future
These are symptoms that may indicate you are not tapping into your potential. They tell you that while you may possess the key to a different life, you are unwilling to turn it. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are unconsciously suppressing your breath and by extension, the amount of Life Force that can flow through you. This not only limits the good that can come into your life but is the precursor to illness and disease.
The World Needs You
You can be the change that brings alignment and aliveness radiantly into your life and fulfill the role you came here to play. The world needs conscious, heart-centered people, like you, leading the way in this change. You have a mandate from God to realize more of your Higher Self, your True Self in this moment now. The time is ripe for planetary change and the Universe is aligned to support you.
We appreciate all you have done to evolve and become more conscious. Do not underestimate the impact one person can make in the life of a family member, friend, workgroup, nation or planet. No one knows where the tipping point is, or where mass consciousness shifts in a single act or moment to create a quantum leap in human evolution. The moment is near. You are the one.
How to Begin:
1. Come into the Present Moment. Presence is the experience of All That Is and connects you to your Higher Soul. Five minutes of connected breathing in the morning and five minutes at night helps accelerate this process.
2. Meditate daily. Meditation has many benefits but one of the most important is the ability to connect to the inner world. If you have difficulty clearing your mind, offers a FREE conscious breathing guided meditation on the evening of the full moon each month at 9 PM EST. Go to: to log on. Past meditations are archived so you don’t have to wait; you can begin today.
3. Begin a practice of inner discernment. Being honest with yourself will let you know if you are holding on to your story. Meditation and being in the present moment helps with this process.
4. Once you have built some inner strength through these practices, you can use this new found power to let go of your story. This is how you begin to turn the key. Once you let go you will have created space for the good, the holy and the beautiful.
This is the radiance of who you truly are. Turn the key and begin a life of new possibilities.
May you be blessed by good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality. And so it is.
Dave Krajovic



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