At the Center of the Wheel of Life


At the Center of the Wheel of Life

The changing affairs of life are represented in a lovely, graphic fashion in the tarot card called The Wheel of Life. It shows a wheel of many spokes with faces in each pie shaped section, each face expressing an emotion. At the top is the happy, exuberant, life is great face. At the bottom is the feeling terrible, beat up, life is hard face.

Everyone’s life has highs and lows, if you try to hang onto the high, you will be frustrated. Life will always bring challenges, that is part of the journey and the growth. There is a way to ride this wheel that brings peace every step of the way, if you live from your center.

You can live at the center of your wheel, identifying with what is constant and true within, or you can live on the outside of the wheel and ride every high and low. If you are on the outside of a wheel, every time you hit the bottom you get run over by life, so your experience swings from ‘hurray!’ to ‘Ouch!’ with every cycle. This can be fun for a while, but causes mistrust in life because you get hurt so many times!

So, what does it mean in practical terms to live either at the center or on the outside of the wheel of life?

Living on the outside of the wheel is like finding your identity, purpose, and focus from outer circumstances such as relationships, roles, possessions, how someone knows who they are through what they do and how others see them and tend to make decisions from the desires of others and things outside of their self. As a healer when I see people like this, they have little energy within their personal body and aura, and loads of energy outside of their self, invested in everything but their self. On the outside they may seem strong, but they personally feel tired and over time become dissatisfied with how little they get in return. They can become run down and experience health issues from giving it all away and not giving to their selves or receiving enough for their own needs.

When you live on the outside of the wheel, things in life really affect you. People who live this way have strong reactions to the events in the world and everything feels very personal and intense. They either feel great about things or very bad and it feels like every wind of fate affects them. They are always reacting and life is not very peaceful. They may have to get far away from everything in order to relax and get in touch with their own feelings and needs.

So what do I mean by living in the center? Within you is a focus of God consciousness, which is who you are: a God Being living within a body. Living from your center means making your personal self a vessel that God would enjoy being in. It means building a relationship with yourself, your body, your emotions, your mind, and your inner divine self. You take care of all these things with a commitment to maintaining your life as a place of balance and wholeness where God can live. Your inner divine self is that place within where you find peace, balance, and inner guidance, where you can come into the center of your wheel.

Living from the center of your wheel, you always check within yourself to make sure that it feels right for you to do something. Your days and your weeks are built off of the time you take to care for your own balance and what you can do outside of yourself that allows you to maintain your equilibrium and continue to generate energy for life instead of giving it all away and having nothing left for God within you to enjoy.

The more balanced you are within, the more you can do outside of yourself without running out of energy and losing yourself. Over time you become more efficient at knowing what is for you to do and what is really not your job. You find a rhythm between giving outwardly and focusing inwardly that allows the wheel of life to go around without running you over and beating you up. The swings of life become interesting and meaningful rather than dramatic and overwhelming. So, as the wheel turns you know that there will always be the ups and downs, but you will be able to ride them out, staying in your power and maintaining the feelings of joy, even while you experience the sadness. From the middle of the wheel it is all happening now, you are at the center and it is all balanced from within.

Tools for finding and maintaining your center can be found on my website. You may also find them in a wide range of self-awareness and self-care techniques. Personally I find Tai Chi to be a great teacher of inner balance and living from your center. Walking, listening to your feelings and the voice of your inner wisdom are all good tools for centering. Practice living at that core place of balance increasingly.

Investing in your inner balance will build a substance of inner strength that will support you through changes and challenges and help you learn and grow more through your experiences.

For those of you who think the world around you can’t get by without you, think again. Do your part and make room for others to do theirs. Yes, you may do it better, but maybe they need to learn so they can do it better also. If you do it all, what will happen when you are no longer able to do it yourself? As you center you will gain perspective and find a way to allow life to be peaceful, enjoyable, and productive as well.

Best wishes on your journey, may your wheel take you exactly where you will find the most joy, deepest fulfillment, and greatest satisfaction. In order for the wheel to move in that direction, it must go around, and the outside of your experience must swing up and down. If you ride the middle of the wheel, you can get to your destination in one piece so you can enjoy your arrival and the journey too!

Peace to you, Eve

Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension.,, 248-545-3928.


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