Awakening To The Unknown


By Alethea Monk Howard

Going inside our minds to explore the spirit within takes work, so we all have a job to do daily. Yet, it is the Divine work we are here to do. Look beyond the door to gain greater understanding, greater clarity, and more hope than you could ever imagine.

Look beyond all the distractions; We spend most of our days looking down at our phones and computers, looking down on others and ourselves at times. Look up to the heavens and the unseen dimensions and see the glory that we all share. What is the unknown? The mystery of life. We all have to be a willing vessel of the spirit of the unknown-the subtle spirit within and surrounding us.

When we let go and surrender to the unknown spirit within us, we become fearless, knowing that we are safe and protected in all that we do. We have to trust and embrace the unknown to know who we really are.

Yes, it is an uncertainty in our lives; we have to come to full understanding of this spirit within us. Listen to the power within, tune in from above and beyond yourself, and watch the magic begin to flow in your life. Trust and believe in Self; we are never alone.

Not being afraid of going inside ourselves to find out who we truly are, brings courage and strength to our souls so that we may stand tall in the midst of life and be a part of the cosmic energy surrounding us. When we know who we are, we will not be afraid of anything alien to us.

One day I visited the Nature Park in Sterling Heights, one of my favorite parks. As I was walking, I spotted a grass field with a picnic table in the center of it. The sun was shining so beautifully that I decided to go and sit and take in the sun. As I watched…I saw a man with two dogs walking in the middle of the field. One dog started running toward me; I didn’t move; I just watched as he got close to my knees in passing. His owner shouted for him to come back! He turned around and headed back toward me. The dog jumped on the seat of the table where I was seated, then jumped on the tabletop and licked my cheek. Afterward, he jumped off the back of the table, and as I turned to look, he was running and jumping like a happy rabbit, and all I could say was WOW! Yet, I was not afraid. At no time was there any fear.

We have the power to communicate with all there is the Divine Spirit, the Infinite Power of the Almighty Spirit of the Cosmo. What is this unknown power within? How do we attain it, and what do we do with it? How do we receive it? By using it for the good of self and others! Finding sincerity in all we do, say, and think. We are a work in progress, a longing to do what is good and of righteousness—not being afraid of finding our calling in this lifetime.

Every one of us has stories of some unknown occurrence in our lives- a dream, a voice, a ghost, an insight, a revelation. The power within us sees, feels, knows, and hears all. We have to tune in to its existence.
Tune in, take flight, and embrace the unknown in YOU!


Take Flight, everything is going to be alright.
Sing and fly like a bird.
Trust in the almighty with all your heart, mind and soul.
Feel and see the peace of the dear…
See the love in all and know all as one.
Rest like a bear.
Behold the light within the cosmic sphere.
Jump like a rabbit.
Bark like a dog.
Know that there is blessings in all,
Leap and hop like a frog.
Have the strength of an elephant.
Be of kindness and grace…
Stand tall like the giraffe.
See the light that surrounds you,
Shine it upon all in sight.
Hold on to what is dear and near and seemly right.
Loosen the ego, lighten up.
Let go, take flight, and embrace the unknown.
Soar like an eagle…!

Alethea Monk Howard


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