What’s In a Picture?


By Linda La Croix

Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, said, “Man makes his world through the activity of ideas in his consciousness—ideas of wisdom, power, intelligence.”

   Spring has arrived, and many people are now putting their thoughts on the plants they will put into their gardens. Others are considering where they will travel and what sights to see this summer. 

  Regarding travel, I am good with just seeing a good-quality photo. Give me a picture of the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, etc., and I am good. The old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words rings true for me! 

  While viewing a friend’s photos of a recent destination wedding, I also enjoyed seeing the scenery. Another visited Hawaii and posted photos on Facebook, and it was great to see some of what that area offers. And another friend and her husband go on many road trips. I tell her I enjoy the trip through their camera lens. All good!

  For me, every location looks different depending on where you are. But water is water, mountains are mountains, and trees are trees. However, if you want to be in the presence of the water, trees, or mountains, and capture the energy of being in their presence, then you have to visit them in person to experience that. 

  Years ago, we visited the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Scads of people were trekking up the sandy dune to see the water on the other side. A young girl walked by on her way back from the long trek. She was hot, tired, and breathing harder than others on the way back. Looking at me, she stopped and took a big sighing breath, the strong wind blowing her hair in her face. I asked if she had a chance to see the water. She replied, “Yes, did you?” When I told her I hadn’t yet, she replied, “Well, don’t go all the way out there; it just looks like water!” Apparently, this young lady may have preferred a photo as well!

  As wonderful as my iPhone camera is, a beautiful full moon doesn’t photograph well for me at all. It’s a waste of time. Perhaps it’s only meant to be viewed through my eyes. And, like non-photogenic people, you may have to visit with them face to face to see their inner spirit. To see the energy of how God is working through their being or the activity in their ideas and consciousness expressing the power and spirit of God. 

   Author Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Spirit doesn’t dwell on the impossibility of anything; that is, it doesn’t focus on not being able to create, on things not working out, on expecting the worst, or on being stuck in place.”

  Usually, when you look at a photo of water, you see the sun or moon shining on it and little ripples or waves. From there, your mind can see the creativity of knowing how it moves. Imagine an ocean stuck in one place with no current and no movement. It’s natural intelligence and creative flow gone, and there is no life; the spirit that God originally placed in the ocean is missing. Your mind wouldn’t be able to create the same feeling from the picture.

 Like stagnate water, we can sometimes feel stuck, still, or powerless at times. Brought on by stress, overwhelm, dis-ease, things out of our control, watching our loved ones learn their lessons, and whatever your stuck feeling is.

 All of this can and does at some time bring us to a place of needing to remember we are a child of the almighty God. For this reason, we are never truly stuck or alone. 

 When we look at our lives, the picture we see is not always a true picture. Being stuck, feeling alone, helpless, or with no way out all show us we have stepped off our spiritual path. Know when you see a picture like that in your mind, you only see a fragment of your life, a moment in time. 

  Get back into the flow of God by reminding yourself that you are a child of God. Do that over and over until you can gather the energy to call a friend, find a prayer online that resonates with you, and definitely visit a spiritual center. When you do, you yourself will feel your own energy moving inside again. Feeling that energy throughout your body, like the waves of an ocean, allows new creative ideas to flow. New thoughts will bring new solutions to your mind, and you will no longer feel stuck or alone. 

  When you look through the lens of your life, know that picture only represents a small fragment of time. A good camera and a good photographer can make a difference in the quality of a photo. So too, can a good friend or being part of a spiritual community help raise your conscience. This will raise your energy, bringing about a greater and more powerful creative flow of the life and energy that are you.

May you always know the blessings of who you really are!

Linda La Croix

Linda La Croix is the Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion, Prayer Chaplain, and a Spiritual Life Coach. You can contact her through Unity Church or aspiritualwalk.com. 


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