Before You Forgive Them..


Please understand that before you forgive them, you must protect yourself; you need a plan.

Don’t jump in the water to save them or follow them off a cliff; they don’t know what they are doing; you will only hurt yourself.

When you are with them, it’s not always the real them you see; it’s a wounded version; you’re connecting with their history.

The thoughts in their mind that tell them what is real and true were written by a wounded child who didn’t know what to do.

And wounded people are deaf, dumb, and blind; they can hurt you even when they try to be kind.

They may hope for the best, but they think the worst; they want to love you, but their love can curse.

They can’t hear you; too many voices in their head, and they can’t see you either through the visions of dread.

It’s ok not to be present with people who cannot see you, to stop talking to people who cannot hear you, and to stop explaining yourself to people who can not understand you. 

So forgive them and let go of them; it’s your job to love yourself so greatly that no one can harm your peace of mind or destroy the beautiful life you deserve. 

Love others but love yourself first… Dont fall under the spell of their curse

Penny Golden


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