Being Yourself – Being Here


To be truly spiritually awake be yourself.  Being yourself is an essential element in the ascension process.  You are unique and to ascend into your truth you have to invest in knowing and being YOU!

Getting out of your head and into your heart and belly is essential.  Let go of your ideas of what a spiritual person should be and pay attention to the truth that is birthing right now within your heart and within your belly.

You may also find fear and old programming in your heart and belly, so pay attention to what is showing up there.  Open your heart to all of it and welcome God within you and all around you to enfold the fear and old programming in love.  Let the loving God energy percolate through the old negativity and wait for the loving wise true response to arise through it all.

The steps would be:

1) center within your heart and belly

2) find the still core of love within

3) breathe love from your still core into the negativity you feel within

4) invite loving God energy from above and all around you to embrace all that energy and begin healing it

wait for your light and truth to percolate through the darkness, bringing clarity and opening you to be authentic, compassionate and alive in the moment

5) notice the new ways of seeing yourself and your situation that comes.  You’ll increasingly find an inner brilliance and unexpected creativity in your response to life


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