To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before


Humanity is exploring a new way of being, a new Shift in consciousness.  Changes are happening within and around us.  They are significant and directly related to energetic shifts in the electromagnetic field of the planet.  Waves and waves of new and higher energies are bombarding us.  We cannot see it but we can feel it.

Most people, who are aware of this, believe they will feel these higher energies as joy and bliss.  They are in error.  How can you fill your cup with joy and bliss if it is already full of other stuff, our stuff?  Therefore, most people feel these energies as angst, fear, stress and despair.  At times they feel helpless and hopeless.  The increasing angst is often experienced as reactive anger.  They notice they are becoming angrier over the little things.  Life has lost its charm, fun, and passion.  They know something is not right.  Yet, they know not what to do. Some drink more, eat more, have sex more and turn to drugs. To no avail, life is the same.  Sedation does not work. So they work harder, are more diligent, make sure good things happen in their life and bad things don’t happen. To no avail life is the same except that now you are exhausted from all the doing. Control does not work.   “There must be more to my life than this,” they say.  And they are right. We must first empty our cup of our stuff.

There Is A Positive

While many may see the Shift as negative, there is a positive.  But you have to begin to see the world with different eyes.  If you look beyond the world of form you can see what the eyes alone cannot see, the unfolding of a Divine Plan.  How would you feel if you knew there was a Divine reason you are feeling the way you do?  Would that not ease some of your burden?  “So if this is Divine, why do I feel so bad?” you might ask.  A good question with an answer you may not like.

Consider that the waves of energy that are bombarding the planet are our friends, whose mission is to knock loose our negative and limited ways of being.  Evolutionary changes are requiring humanity to clear away all personal baggage we have accumulated. You cannot take it with you anymore.   Everyone is feeling it.  Everyone is experiencing it.  What is true is true whether you believe it or not.

 Resistance Is Futile

You can no longer resist the Shift.  If you continue to resist, pressure will continue to build.  You will get more angst, fear, anger, grief, illness and disease in your life.  It is that simple.  Resisting is like a tree with old stiff branches in a strong wind storm.  If the tree does not bend with the wind, branches break and fall.  The tree may be uprooted and die.  Football players know the wisdom of nonresistance.  If they know they are going to get tackled and they cannot break away, they simply give in to the tackle and fall.  They no longer resist.  Doing so increases the chance they will get injured.  You know this.  You know it is time to give in to the Shift and resist no more.

To resist no more means to get real with you, to give up your previously held rigid beliefs. Self-inquiry of thoughts and feelings is necessary.  Claiming responsibility for your creations is required.  Many run from the feelings buried deep inside.  But they are still there.  This is like an ostrich who buries his head in the sand when he is afraid.  The object of fear remains even if you cannot see it.  Bringing old feelings to the surface is going to happen anyway.  The shift will make it so.

When You Hold On, Joy Cannot Come To You

Because you are choosing to bury them into your subconscious mind, you are bringing the past with you into the present.  These suppressed energies override your conscious mind because like attracts like.  As long as you hold on, you can never receive the joy and bliss of the Present Moment.  You must empty the cup of your stuff.

Because you are bringing the past into the present, the prescription is to quit living in the past and let go.  Because conscious breathing techniques such as Pranic Breathwork require you to be in the present when you breathe, past energies cannot exist in the present.  They are effectively, powerfully and permanently sloughed off.  Everyone reports feeling lighter after a Pranic Breathwork session.  Why?  Because they have let go of the denser energies they have held onto for so long.

Your Connection to the Divine

To boldly go where no one has gone before.  Never before have so many been faced with this choice.  This is where you can claim your power to a new way of being.  This is where you can choose to step into and be the 4th dimensional energies of the present moment.  This is the call of the Divine Plan.  This is your path to your deeper connection with the Divine.  This is your destiny.


Dave Krajovic


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