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There are three things to know about the Sacred Triad:


One, it’s a holy symbol that creates a peace, a stillness within the soul that many spend their life attaining.  In healing, it calms and clears emotion.   It aligns the chakras and creates a sense of well-being and peace.  Two, it’s an angelic gateway that allows you to channel your higher self and ascended beings.  Third, it’s the eternal mystery.  It is all things and it is nothing.  From nothing comes everything.

What the three circles represent:  TIME, ENERGY, and EMOTION   (Among the many things they represent)

First, we know there is no time.  It is a made-up concept so that we can live in this dimension.  There is no going backwards here, only forwards.  A bit frustrating sometimes, I know.  So with the Sacred Triad, we take time, energy and emotion and change what was, what is and what will be.  How you change what was, what is and what will be is by erasing the concept of time, and by letting go. By releasing the past, we allow the future to rearrange.  Until you let go of the past you are doomed to repeat it.

Emotion is a type of energy.  When we have strong emotions, good or bad, they create an imprint – – like a flashbulb leaving an echo on your retina.  After it burns, if you will, it can get trapped in the kidneys, liver, intestines, and in the walls of your uterus or pancreas.  Therefore, you need to wash out the energy from your body through cleansing modalities.   Otherwise, the energy gets trapped there.

Pain is also a type of energy.  When you hurt your knee, let’s say you bang it; you have created energy between your knee and the object you hit.   The truth is, only part of the pain is in your body and the rest is in your auric field – – and most of the pain we feel in our auric field has very little to do with our body.

You may think I’m crazy and frankly 20 years ago I would have agreed with you, but I have seen this time and again.  The pain is mostly in the auric field.  Thus, we perceive the pain. But is it really there?   Well, of course it is.  Yes, it’s really pain and it really hurts.  But does it have to be there?  Can’t we choose something different? I think people who suffer pain don’t really think the rest of us get it.  I remember daffy duck saying, “I’m different, pain HURTS me.”  It’s funny because it’s true.  It’s easier to discount someone else’s discomfort than our own.

I am not trying to discount what you or someone you love may be going through pain wise.  But I can tell you that if you are able to release the pain, to separate yourself from the discomfort, it makes a difference.  Recognize that pain is energy and that pain is often emotion that may be stuck in time as discomfort in the body.   To remove it, you need to understand that it is there.

What is in the auric field that is causing pain?

. Memory of a past hurt in this lifetime, physical or emotional.

. Some type of anger, resentment, guilt, judgment or other emotion.

. Another’s burden that you are carrying for them (this is more common than you think).

. An entity or other dimensional being.

. A karmic debt we’ve carried from a past life.

. A karmic source of honor we’ve carried from a past life.

. A genetic memory of pain or disease.

Don’t assume that you know what pain is in your body, what’s causing it, and that you have to live with it.  Almost all pain is foreign to the body and is an indication that something is wrong. Here is a revelation – – we are not supposed to live our lives in pain. We are not here to suffer.  We are here to learn and grow, to become and teach others to become  LOVE, HONOR, FAITH, HOPE, JOY.


Adrianna — Mystic Connections


Adrianna is a third generation intuitive medium and has a radio show with Body Mind Spirit Radio, 2nd Saturday of the month at 10 AM EDT.


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