We were Born Peace


When we speak of Peace…

Peace on Earth, Peace within our communities,

Peace within our lives, Peace within our families,

We speak of Peace within ourselves…

at the core of our Being.

“I Am” Peace.


When we speak of Peace…

We speak of you and I in dialogue with our own hearts, expanding this experience of peace, within the center of our Being, out into the world.

We speak of a dialogue interwoven with a heart-to-heart resonance rooted within the human family.

Beneath the perceived separation, suffering, therein, lies the light of Peace…  living at the center of us all.

You and I are Peace.


When we speak of Peace…

We speak of a Universal Inter-relational Connection with Provenance.


You and I have been conceived by life itself… a Universal Conscious Intelligence that has breathed its breath in us.

This breath of life alive within us, is an energy that no man, women or child can live without and all humankind has the honor of intimately knowing.

This organizing intelligence at the center of you and I

interconnects all of humanity…all of life.

You and I are Brothers and Sisters.

We are a human family conceived as Peace.


We have envisioned a day when there would be Peace on Earth.

The great pioneers have spoken a truth to be heard and felt,

along with the countless courageous individuals who have

paved a path, in honored service,

leading us to this day, this new era of Peace.

We now recognize the omnipresent organizing intelligence

that breathes within us…as Peace itself.

Peace is alive within you and me. We are Peace.

Today, you and I, as brothers and sisters, in dialogue from this place of intelligence…

are free to know each other in Peace.


Speak into the Embrace of Peace.

Speak into the Embodiment of Peace within the Human Family.

We, you and I, are the reflection of Peace on Earth.


Cass Charrette

Inspired by the presence and work of James O’Dea


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