By Jennifer VanderWal

Bowenite comes from New Zealand. Only small amounts are distributed by the New Zealand government every few years to ensure the mineral is not depleted. Another name for bowenite is, greenstone or tangiwai, which is Maori for tear water. With bowenite’s high content of magnesium and iron, it alleviates depression, clearing tears and sorrow.

The color of tangiwai is whitish to apple green. Tangiwai is a warrior stone bringing success in all pursuits, from personal to business. Tangiwai is revered by the Maoris as a sacred stone, often worn in amulets or as a talisman. It is a powerful stone for protection. It instills a message that detours the forces while enlightening them intellectually as well as spiritually.

Bowenite also radiates protective energy in every direction. Tangiwai opens and deepens our ancestral and spiritual connection and communication. It eases relocating as well as leaving unhealthy people, places, or things. It enhances our feelings of light and freedom, enabling ease in traversing the third dimension. Tangiwai helps us to clearly know which questions to ask and helps us receive a clear insight into the answers.

Bowenite’s high contents of oxygen, as well as hydrogen, help it to be a powerful healer in restructuring our RNA/DNA, cholesterol, heart, as well as assimilation of Vitamins D and A. Tangiwai ignites spontaneity and adventure and brings our soulmate to us. You can also carry it on you for protection.

One easy way to benefit from tangiwai’s energy is to use it in meditation. Prepare a quiet meditative space, hold the bowenite at your heart chakra, and think of or ask the questions you’ve been wanting to know about. Then move the bowenite to your third eye chakra and listen for the answers and questions that ensue.

Jennifer VanderWal has been a Melody Crystal Healing Instructor/Facilitator since 2004. A master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoko system of Reiki, she offers readings, mediumship, spiritual counseling, EFT, crystal healing classes, and crystal healing techniques at Bodyworks Healing Center, Journey to Health Chakra, and VanderWal Healing Center. Call: 248-672-0579.


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