The Power of a Vision


The Power of a Vision
By Joseph A. Drolshagen

The vast majority of people cannot answer the question, “What is your vision for your life?” They cannot tell me what they would love to be, do, have, and experience within their lifetime.

“Our life always expresses the results of our dominant thoughts.”
– Soren KierKegaard

A vision brings about clarity, meaning, and purpose. Having a vision sets the course for our life, and the more clarity one has on their vision, the more power they have in bringing life to their dreams and visions. Without a vision, life can seem like an untethered buoy at sea during a hurricane. Bobbing and getting thrown about without any clear destination in mind. A vision will assist in retaining one’s power and purpose even when storms arise in life — one experiences living at a vibration above their circumstances and situations.

I do a lot of speaking and talking about the power of having a vision for life. I break it into four quadrants to create a compelling vision that covers all areas of life; Healthy and Well Being, Love and Relationships, Vocation and LifeWorks, and Time and Money Freedom.

I have found some people have a reluctance to creating a vision for their life. Some are so busy living in patterns they can’t see outside of their present situations or circumstances. Along the path, I’ve come to understand some of these reasons.

Past visions haven’t come to fruition.
They are too busy with their present conditions and don’t have time to spend “visioning.”
Some believe life is supposed to unfold; however, it unfolds, or they are destined to experience life a certain way, along a predestined path.
There are more important things to do in life than create a vision.
Some think creating a vision is wasting time that they could spend being productive.

I’ve experienced most of these in my own life before converting my life from a reactionary, limiting mindset to a responsive, expanded vision-driven mindset. In doing so, I have achieved so much abundance, opportunities, freedom, and a real true love for the life I’m living today. That’s what I want for you. To experience loving your life even more than you already do!

“The best way to serve God and other people is by becoming the best YOU you can be.”
– Wallace Wattles

Creating a powerful vision for life is the most empowering way of becoming your best YOU! Everything is created twice. It’s first a thought before it becomes a thing. A purposeful, powerful vision is the richest way to create the things one most loves in their life. Having a clear vision not only keeps one on track with what’s important to them, but it also becomes the direction for their life’s course. One becomes more aware of opportunities and potentials that otherwise would go unnoticed. With that said, below are my top 10 deepest level benefits of having a powerful vision…

The number one reason a vision is so vitally important and powerful is that a vision assists in getting into harmony with one’s Soul Purpose.
Coming from a vision is the most passionate and purposeful way one can live life.
It’s a powerful way of revealing to oneself what they would really love to be, do, have, give, and experience in their life. To do so without limitations of time, education, and money.
When one has a clear vision for their life, life gets easier.
Becoming the best YOU that you can be.
The process of developing a vision will expand one’s potential of their capability.
Creating a vision opens the door to even more appreciation, happiness, and love.
Developing a vision reduces the power of one’s circumstances over them.
It opens up the pathway to expand outside one’s comfort zone, into expanded living.
People who pay attention to their dreams and followed them are much happier people.

With any individual, group, organization, or corporation I work with, the very first thing we do together is to develop a powerful vision for what they would love to be, do, have, give and experience. From there, the journey becomes more exciting and enjoyable as I assist them in stepping into the vision and realizing how awesome and easy life really can be.

If you don’t have a vision for your life, I want to lean into you to develop one. If I can assist you at all, I have multiple tools that I assist my clients in utilizing to develop that powerful vision for their life. Just reach out to me at I wish you all the best, and I see your life opening more and more as you experience how powerful you really are!


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