Bringing Balance and Harmony to Artistic Expression


By Scarlet Ireland

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, some definitions of balance = physical equilibrium, with mental and emotional steadiness. Harmony = pleasing arrangement of parts, congruence or internal calm and tranquility.

Aren’t most of us striving to realize more of these on a daily basis? Especially in these extraordinary and chaotic times, we are living in. Balance and harmony are an “inside job”, we know. It may happen if we wish or think about it. Yes, the intention is paramount. However, more likely, it is created in tandem, with a myriad of tools learned and incorporated, moment to moment — tools that are deeply connected with our unique internal and external truth. They support clarity with the flow of peace and grace, even if just for a moment. The reality is… a moment is powerful, sustaining, and the basis of All.

Art and its creation are a profound means to access these moments of balance and harmony. It is a genuine avenue to join/unite with others for interest, enjoyment, upliftment, and expansion. It speaks to our Soul.

How can a piece of canvas with paint, some clay, metal, or any other medium imaginable, become the conductor of these divine forces? With intention and focused energy, along with applied technique. Alchemy.

Many of us have had the experience of our thoughts manifesting in this physical world quite literally and quickly. The example of “having someone on your mind or in your thoughts” and the phone rings/texts, and it is them. We know our mind is that powerful. Why not harness these forces to create support for ourselves and our environment in unique, powerful and sustaining ways?

Can a work of art bring balance and harmony to an individual, space, territory, experience, etc? I believe, it most definitely can. Especially when the intention of the artist and the recipient are in-line and focused on benevolence, higher good, and expanded consciousness for One and All.

If this resonates with you, please contact me and mention this article for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Sincerely ~ Scarlet

Scarlet Ireland is an Energy Artist who conduits multidimensional information gained through intuition/channeling which she converts to an energy structure on canvas. Her art creates an empowering vibrational space, for individual pathways to authentic, higher purpose and supports collective advancement. It transforms/allows for healing, focus, and profound experience.


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