Can I change my Life Path?


By Wendy Powers Nugent

Are you finding that you are in a loop of redoing the same lesson of life? For example, bringing the same type of person in your life to be your partner only to find out it is just more of the same, only with a different face! The endless loop of failures or disappointment can easily be discouraging and leave you feeling like you are not in control of your own life or destiny. If you are not hearing your own intuitive voice or not trusting it anymore, finding yourself stressed about your life, it may be time to consult an intuitive.  

When you are off your life path, an intuitive can share with you how to get back on the path by seeing what it is that is causing you to wander from your destiny. You could continue living your life wandering lost for much longer than necessary and, in turn, change your destiny. This can cause a change that could put you into ill health that you were not supposed to experience or even cause more karma that must be worked through in another life. Now, of course, you can find your way back to your life path on your own. However, if things are too out of control and you are lost as to why things are not working, you should consult a therapist or an intuitive counselor.      

Can a psychic/intuitive counselor help you get on track? Well, yes, but you must also help yourself to bring about the changes needed to get back on your life path or even to skip past some difficult lessons that keep repeating. Timing of future predictions can be difficult for the psychic because the client who receives the information is afraid or stubborn and cannot see past the negative thoughts that have held them down. An excellent psychic must point out what is holding you back from continuing down your life path so you don’t continue hitting all the potholes on your road of life. 

Yes, your life can go more smoothly, allowing you to experience the destiny you were meant to live; you must start thinking differently. We all have that negative voice living in our minds, filling us with regrets or feeling that we are not worthy or unlucky. 

The longer we live in this negative thought process, the more difficult it is to get out of the rut of an unproductive life. Even if you see a psychic who predicts the right life partner coming into your life, a good career opportunity, or discovering your true life purpose. Still, the timing of these being realized can be delayed or only happen if you continue to live in your negative or wishful mindset. This is why it may be important, even after you see a psychic, to follow up with therapy. 

Our stress levels and our thoughts control how we react to situations. Why are some people less stressed and believe they will succeed no matter the difficulties? They are looking at the end of the stress believing that there will be a solution to the issue at hand, unlike some who cannot stop worrying about or living in the anxieties of how things are going to be so difficult, if not impossible, to ever work out as they would like.  

William James said, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

The funny thing is many times, people with a negative mindset believe that they need a break or that if they had someone special in their life to help them, all would be well. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It all starts with your own mindset as to how things work out. If you think you can’t, you won’t. If you think you can, you will. 

Recommend reading which might help you recreate a better life path for yourself. “Make Your Life Worthwhile” by Emmet Fox. This is a quote from his book to give you an idea that your powerful thoughts can work with or against you.

“Your experience at any moment is the out-picturing of your mind. What you believe and understand in the inner is what you experience in the outer.    

You are being aware of the negative thoughts and rethinking them at the moment by asking yourself if this thought is productive or positive to your well-being and goals. Your lifepath is your map, but you can find shortcuts that may help you evolve your soul more quickly with less karma to work through.

Take a meditation class to open your mind and realize you have the answers and power within yourself to make the changes and allow your life to work as it is meant to be. You may find you won’t need long-term therapy. With that being said, you can also, once you are in control of your life path, find you may skip past some of the lessons you were to work through in this life because you have insight and can move up to a higher spiritual path in this lifetime. Yes, you can evolve to a higher spiritual path in this life if you learn your lessons quickly through developing your soul awareness. This is why we are going through all of this anyway, to evolve our souls to reach the inner circle of awareness and connect with the center of all love and knowledge, The Universal Mind of God.       


Wendy Powers Nugent

Wendy is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, Writer, and Certified Counselor. She has been a professional psychic with Proven Accuracy for more than 45 years! Readings by appointment only. For more information on readings, visit the website: To make an appointment, please TEXT her at 248-826-8255; text your name and that you would like to make an appointment. 

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