Your Intuitive Majesty Is Real—-Receive More Love


By Barbra White

Grand Mother tree here at Mother Bear Sanctuary stands three stories high, connected to all the other trees through the mycelium of the Earth. She awakens both stability and flexibility within those humans who connect with her majesty. As all the retreat participants stood in ritual within her pine grove, being washed clean of ancestral trauma and awakening to their innate worth… three people heard the exact same thing from the Grand Mother Tree!! It wasn’t until the next day, did the three participants realize they all heard the One Voice of Spirit. There is a broadcast of love, eternally being sent. The Grand Mother Tree sent her signal. Three people caught it.

Intuition is extending your consciousness into the future. Telepathy is extending consciousness into space. You have an organic capacity to extend out of time and space. It’s already in you.

Everyone is intuitive. Everyone has the capacity to be telepathic. This natural, normal capacity is part of us, like breathing. 

However, the industrial growth world (IGS) and hierarchal power model has conditioned us to believe this is “woo woo” or a gift only a few have. Hearing your ancestors, Soul guidance, and inner voice (aka intuition) is as natural as your blood flowing in your body. If your blood doesn’t flow, you will die. Similarly, when your intuition and telepathy are not flowing…you will feel lifeless.  

ALL of life is speaking to you. Your life is the life of God/Goddess. There is a flow, grace, intrinsic order, or divine intelligence that works in your body, life, and relationships. You have a direct connection to the divine right now (if you stop believing the mind’s ramblings). Your consciousness is the ocean of energy that IS all things. Your capacity to relax, open and awaken your natural ability to hear the voice of Life in all things (trees, animals, people) is a choice you can make and a part of you that can be re-awakened.

Connection to your body, the Earth, and nature reawakens you to the intrinsic web of Life. Disconnected and dissociated from nature (life’s pulse and intuition) are lost in most people, leaving them feeling like the walking dead. Most of the world has become autistic to nature and thus their brilliance. The divine voice is speaking to you in ordinary everyday occurrences. Are you listening? Your guardian angels continuously talk to you through synchronicities and inner gut knowing. Are you paying attention?

The Industrial Growth World has stolen your joy. There is no return of energy back of energy from consumerism, capitalism, and power over models of connection. Nature works through feedback loops of information, finding balance in this natural give-and-receive. When you re-remember receiving is giving and giving is receiving within your body, relationships, and life, you re-awaken the magic in your being. Your fundamental goodness, your true innocence, is forgotten when you try to “get” your joy from the violent models of achievement.

Surrendering, yielding to your innate holiness, sounds unachievable to most. Yet there is nothing to achieve. It is when you soften back to yourself that you realize you have it all already. When you soften your gaze to the trees, you naturally begin to hear their continual broadcast.   

What did the Grand Mother Tree say? She said, “Receive more love. Like the sun, I take in the light fully…… you must learn to receive without shame or apology” One of the most common phrases I have heard in helping hundreds of people to remember the Love they are and align with their purpose is:

 “I have trouble receiving love.”

Why? Because the IGS has taught you power over models to the divine, love, and happiness. 

Surrendering deep in high receptivity to 

Love, through nature, a person, and your own Soul indwelling, you don’t truly receive anything “outside” of you. 

When you receive love, you receive yourself. You are the Love within all things, as all things, and this Love does not know hierarchy, “rising above,” or ascension. Love is already here, in the soil, in your pain, and in your life. As you yield to the love within the ordinary, you discover the extraordinary within.

Private ecological magic healing, self-acceptance, and equine therapy at Mother Bear Sanctuary. (available to all genders) Mountain Womyns Magic retreat in May. Sessions are also available on zoom. If you are ready to fly like a bird and taste Life like a wolf, I am your guide. 

WhiteCrow (Barbra)


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