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Can Past-Life Regression Help You During This Stressful Period?

Can Past-Life Regression Help You During This Stressful Period?

Can Past-Life Regression Help You During This Stressful Period?
By Phil Rosenbaum

   Many people are having a hard time dealing with all the challenges that have occurred since the emergence of COVID-19. Large numbers of people rarely leave their homes. Many have been eating and drinking more than is healthy for them, loneliness has increased, and the suicide rate has gone up. Other problems have also resulted. There is no denying that this is a very stressful period.  

   There are many benefits to having a past-life regression hypnosis session, but have you considered that past-life regression could be of great benefit during this time? If you are open to the possibility that past-life hypnosis is real, having a session can significantly reduce your stress. 

   One of the biggest fears people have, if not the biggest, is the fear of death. When people are undergoing a tremendous challenge, if asked what is the worst thing that could happen, they will very likely answer, “I could die.” One likely reason that so many people feel extreme anxiety during this period is that they fear they will contract the virus and die. However, if they did not fear death, they would probably have a great deal less fear. 

   Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of experiencing a past life is that you would realize that you have “died” before, and yet you are alive now. In other words, while your body from the earlier life died, who you really are did not die. You merely took residence in another body. Therefore, if the “worst” happened to you and the virus “killed,” you, who you really are, would survive. Your essence or soul does not die. If you have more lessons to learn, you would likely take residence in another body and come back to experience another life. One other thing to consider is that people who have had near-death experiences report how beautiful the other side is, further demonstrating that death is nothing to fear.

   There are, of course, many other benefits to experiencing a past-life hypnosis session. It can reduce or eliminate physical and mental pain. Dr. Brian Weiss, an expert in past-life regression, gave an example of a lady who was experiencing great pain in her neck. When she went through a past-life regression session, she found that she had been shot in the neck by an arrow, which wound up killing her in that lifetime. Once she understood where the pain came from, she was able to let go of the past, and the pain disappeared. Her subconscious was sending her a message by way of the pain, and once she got the message, there was no need for the pain anymore. Many fears and phobias are also a result of occurrences from previous lives. People who fear water often learn they have drowned in a previous life.

   There are additional benefits to experiencing a past-life regression session. Some of these include releasing limiting thoughts, becoming more willing to forgive, improving motivation and will power, developing a more optimistic outlook on life, and increasing self-worth and self-esteem, to name a few.

   Past life regression can also help with relationships. Often the important people in this life have been with us in previous lives. If we had problems with them in a past life, we might still have problems with them in our current life. Hypnosis can be used to resolve these and other problems. 

   If you are interested in experiencing a past-life hypnosis session or wish to explore other areas of concern, please contact Phil Rosenbaum at 248-688-6469. Hypnosis can be extremely valuable during these difficult times.


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