Charge Up


You wouldn’t think about leaving for a trip if you didn’t pack your phone charger, your laptop charger, or the charging cord for your Bluetooth or headset. You just wouldn’t do it because you know that the only way to keep those devices connected and working their best is to give them regular opportunities to recharge and re-energize. But, do you put as much thought into continuously charging your own battery?

You’re no different than those electronic devices, except it’s your connection to the physical world that slowly drains the energy from you. Your recharging process occurs when you take the time to purposely cultivate a connection to the energy that is your Higher Self. Therefore, it’s imperative that you plug in and charge up on a daily basis.

Much like an electronic device connects to invisible waves of energy that carry information, we are no different. When your battery runs low, you lose the natural, intuitive connection that provides clarity, comfort, and a sense of safety. At those times, you disconnect from Source and lose out on the instructions that are meant to guide you along your journey. Challenges can easily become overwhelming as you start to look outside of yourself for answers. That “disconnect” can leave you feeling lost, confused, and wandering aimlessly through life.

By taking the time to regularly release the busyness of the conscious mind in silence, you will begin to build a stronger connection to your Higher Self and open yourself to Divine guidance. Some may achieve this through meditation. Others, through hobbies that bring them a state of peace and comfort in their mind. It’s different for everyone, but it’s necessary, nonetheless.

As children, we looked to our parents, or other authority figures, for answers. They always seemed to be able to calm our fears, release concerns, and help us move forward. Our connection to the Divine is no different. The same way that as children, we looked to those we trusted, as adults, we need to connect to the Creator of all that is, in order to feel the support that brings the confidence, strength, and clarity needed to move confidently through life.

So what’s your battery level at? Is it fully charged and able to pick up on even the subtlest of signals, or is your battery level low, leaving you feeling disconnected? The same way that you must charge up your phone every day, you must also make a conscious choice to charge up our own batteries by plugging into the energy of the Universe.


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