Claim Your Accomplishments from 2022!


By Eve Wilson

As we travel the home stretch of the year, it’s an excellent time to consider what we have accomplished to lay a foundation for continued growth and success in 2023. Even our most minor accomplishments need to be recognized so they can help us grow. I love the period between Winter Solstice, which is the longest night of the year on December 21st, and New Year’s Eve for creating a ritual of inner reflection to do this.

It’s most important to focus on all areas of success. Looking back, we may remember where we felt things went wrong and overlook important gifts we have earned. But it is beneficial and fun to uncover and harvest our success from all experiences!

Even circumstances that didn’t work out as desired hold successes to be harvested, including wisdom and strength gained. Claiming those helps heal wounds and build a successful future. Acknowledging even incidental accomplishments turns judgments about what happened into positive attitudes that support your continued growth in the new year.

The most successful people failed multiple times before succeeding fabulously! That’s hard to remember when you feel you have failed. During a year’s review, you can enjoy the absolute successes and fill any darker memories with light and strength to sustain you in 2023. 

You can move beyond self-judgment into courage, strengthen confidence and hope, building on what you have gained to succeed fully in the future. Everything has a right way and time, so if you have yet to succeed, it’s not time.

Your ritual can be simple or complex. Light a candle, and build a fire indoors or out. Work alone or with others. Meditate silently, play a drum, chant, or sing.  

Prepare by writing your successes on a page with two columns – one for the obvious successes and another for circumstances where you have some regrets or judgments about what happened. Hunt within your memory to harvest wisdom learned, strengths gained, and other accomplishments from both columns.

During your meditation, work to meet all the moments of the passing year with unconditional love. Honor all your successes, large and small. Let go of judgments and fears, setting yourself free to build the new year upon your accomplishments. This will turn the soil of your successes and of what you thought of as failure into rich and fertile opportunities for continued healing, growth, ascension, and greater success.

If you follow world events and politics, you may be holding judgments and fears around that. A similar ritual meditation could be done to harvest the successes we have made in 2022. World events and policies are tools for human growth. Note your judgments and work to release them. Welcome, Higher Self and Higher Power, to reveal the value within everything. Unconditional love is needed so world events can fulfill their purpose and more quickly transform into something that will work better.  

Unconditional love is the true light within us which heals, empowers, and guides us to fulfill our greater purpose. It can shed light into the darkness of the season, our lives, and world events. I have created tools for centering in unconditional love, which supports people to live in their ascended selves. Available at, many in my website store, and Weekly Word Blog could help you prepare for your year review. The 3 Most Important Things Videos in my video gallery, which empower your clearest, most loving self, would be good — #3 holds all the pieces, #1 and #2 give more details. The year review is most effective when you begin it in unconditional love.


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