Activate Your Spiritual Attractor System!


By Amy Garber

We are all “manifesting machines.” We are attracting things all the time. The challenge is to be MINDFUL in our thoughts and feelings, for those are the mechanisms that attract things to us!

When I was given the title of this article by my guides, they purposely did NOT use the “Law of Attraction.” Much has been written about this method of manifesting what we desire. I was guided to talk about MY process and my experiences with it. I hope this will be helpful and even inspirational to you!

There are no “SECRETS” to this process; it is easy. Do you get my reference to the popular book and movie by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret? That is an excellent introduction to manifesting and opened the eyes of many in the mainstream public to what is possible.

I had been captivated by this 2006 movie, but I had been practicing this long before. And I have seen astounding results. I’ve learned that there is NO LIMIT to what we can achieve or bring to us. We are powerful co-creators with the Universe and with our free will. We AFFECT and even DICTATE much of what happens to us, or at least by our response to it.


  • By “THINK,” I advocate VISUALIZING. I do this automatically.
  • By “FEEL,” I mean strong emotion and also POSITIVE emotion. The word “emotion” can be broken down into E-MOTION or “energy in motion.” So, the stronger and happier the feeling about what you want to draw to you, the better!

I once wanted to create a raised garden bed in my backyard. Every time I looked out the window at the yard, I would “see” this raised bed in my mind’s eye. I kept thinking, “Yep, that’s a great idea. I’m going to do it one day.” But garden bricks cost a lot when you need a lot of them, so I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to do it.

Later that season, I was outside when a weathered old flyer blew across my grass. I picked it up to throw it away, and I saw that it was from a neighbor selling garden bricks for $1!!! I called them, and they had advertised this a while ago and have yet to receive a response, so they offered to lower the price even further! Then I had a friend offer to help me haul them to my new, affordable raised garden bed!

Can you create without visualizing? Sometimes students in my intuition classes say they can’t visualize. Yes, you can create by “thinking” in words too.

Can you create from strong negative emotions? Yes, you can! Have you ever heard the saying, “Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want”? This is why! You don’t want to do this.

STEP 3. I also find there’s a delicate balance between SPELLING OUT exactly what you want vs. letting go of control and letting the Universe fill in the details. The Universe and your spirit team often have much better solutions than our mortal minds can concoct! Ask Spirit for what you want in as simple a way as possible.

STEP 4: Here’s the Spiritual part: I always ask “In the Highest Good for All Concerned” because:

We may not know the Big Picture (involving others).

We may not know what our Soul really needs/wants.

You can first meditate, pray, ask for guidance, ask for signs about this thing you think you want

STEP 5: Then the rest of the recipe is to be consistent and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Why don’t I see it yet? I believe that the Universe is complex, and it often takes time to see the results of what we have been focusing on because…

  • Some things take time, like turning around a cruise ship
  • It may have too many moving parts for us to influence the desired outcome
  • When it affects others’ lives, too, their free will and Highest Good may not be in line with yours
  • It may not be in YOUR Highest Good, or the Universe has something even better for you!

When people have trouble with manifesting, it could be related to any of these things: 

1. Conflicting feelings (negative/positive) – like affirmations we don’t believe.

2. They don’t practice it enough.

3. “Too important” to give up control to Spirit (like a file folder we keep taking back from a helper).

4. Expectations about the timeframe — Don’t give up! Let it happen in “God’s time, not my time.”

STEPS 6 & 7: Gratitude, then Action.

Give thanks that it is coming to you. Then ACT on the solution presented to you. YOU are the partner with Spirit, their body on the Earth plane.


1. Visualize/think (meditate/pray/ask for guidance if needed)

2. Feel strong positive emotions

3. Let go of control, let go of details, let go of the timeframe

4. highest good for all concerned

5. Be consistent and repeat, repeat, repeat

6. Give thanks!

7. Take action when the time comes!

Go forth and attract spiritually!

Rev. Amy B. Garber, BA, RMT, is an intuitive psychic and conscious channel, Past-Life Healing Regression practitioner, and performs Remote Reiki Readings. She teaches Intuition Development at the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop, where she is co-founder and owner/director. Learn more at:


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