Coming Home


Sometimes we feel like we don’t belong in this old world and it feels hard to be here. Within us there is a deep longing for something that your inner self already knows and which many call home. In the old world experience the only way to get home is to leave your body, in most cases to die, or to have a near death experience, although some experience it in meditation or dreams. Home is that place where we are in a state of unity with God, because that is where we all come from.

One hallmark of the new world will be the feeling that we are at home, finally. As God is able to live within the creation in an increasingly full way, we will recognize God within ourself and other people and the natural world. We will no longer have to die to go home, we can live at home here on earth. Expect to have that experience in flashes at first and then increasingly and for longer and longer periods. Many of you may have felt that experience growing already within you.

Meditate to tune into to your new world self, which is growing within you. Find that inner sense of home and let it grow so that one day it will be your entire life. Where you don’t feel at home yet, welcome God in and allow the energy to lighten and shift as it is able.

Reply to this blog about your experiences of God within, feeling at home and or your new world self.


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