Listening, Sensing, and Knowing


No one else has the unique focus of truth and divinity that lives within you or exactly the same purpose in this lifetime.

Fulfilling your truth and purpose requires getting to know yourself in a deeply intimate and honest way. Without that, no training or degree, job or relationship will bring fulfillment to your life for long. Once you’ve built a strong relationship with the aspect of God that lives uniquely within you, don’t betray yourself by doubting your inner truth and letting the outer world direct your choices. Always be true to that inner relationship and the directions in which it leads you, even if no one understands the choices you make. You may not understand fully either, but in your own way you’ll know its right and you can trust that.

To build this inner relationship takes time and commitment to self. It isn’t selfishness to take that time; it is commitment to God within you. Building this relationship doesn’t require you to abandon your other relationships and responsibilities. Just make your relationship with your truth a top priority.

There are as many ways to find your inner truth as there are people. But one essential ingredient is taking the time to just be. If you are constantly doing, and allowing your energy to be directed by outward concerns, even spiritually, morally or socially excellent concerns, you will miss your inner call. So begin by making time to just be with yourself often enough that you learn to listen to your inner voice and feelings, find your wise, inner knowing, sense the connection to peace and joy that is waiting to be embraced within you.

People, who are doers, find it hard to just be but opening to the divine within nature often works. Take a walk alone and let go of all thoughts or concerns about anything else. Get out of your head, breathe and relax.Listen closely to the wind in the leaves, the birds and other natural sounds. Soften your eyes and observe the quality of light and shadow. Let these things enter you and touch your own natural self. This can awaken a sense of being deeply alive and awake on multiple dimensions of consciousness. Feel the intelligence and sense the consciousness within the life around you. Let peace and joy penetrate your soul.

Then sit down somewhere comfortable and allow your awareness to travel into yourself in the same way you just surrendered to the natural world. Listen, sense and get to know your eternal spirit and the deeply intelligent joy within.

Once you’ve found your way within, you can recreate this experience wherever you are. You can imagine and remember the natural beauty of your walk if that helps you, and then go within and sense life and truth within yourself.

There is a quality of truth that you can learn to recognize. Getting to know yourself, you will learn to discern truth from dishonesty. You can pay attention to your own desires and choices and ask yourself if you are working toward your truth or avoiding it. Your truth is always present within you. Like a beautiful musical note or a still quiet place, it will make itself known to you. It is the knowing of the next step, the right thing, the oneness with all of life.

Trust yourself and your journey. Self-realization is all about taking steps. One step leads to the next, which leads to the next and so on. You don’t have to know the absolute direction that life is ultimately taking you. When you pay attention to your inner sense of truth, you can trust the steps and the general sense of where they are taking you. Chances are you don’t yet know the ultimate goal or time of reaching your destination. That’s OK, each step of the way is the goal needed for you at the moment you take it. You can trust that and relax, trusting God within to direct you toward your ultimate destiny.

At this time on the planet we are ascending to a higher vibration, more attuned to our oneness with God and all of life. Over the coming months and years we will experience huge leaps in the evolution of consciousness and soul. We will experience wholeness and know our own place within life’s greater purpose. It’s important to be open to that and not so self-determined that we fight the process and create stress for ourselves. Follow your inner awareness that knows how to navigate these great changes. Stay closely attuned to your inner truth at each step of the journey. You’ll come to a place where you can love your life like you only dreamed of before, one step at a time.


Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension.,, 734 780-7635.


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