Commit to ‘Self’ And You will be Claimed By Love-God.


Many are only half incarnated into their life, not fully engaging the day, the week, the year. Commit to fully live for Self, and you love the Self in all others. Until this inner commitment to yourself is made, you live in a limbo, ungrounded by circumstances, moods of others, and conditions.

When I speak to groups about being fully committed to their own lives and taking full responsibility for their happiness, the first thing that arises is self-blame. “It is my fault I am not happy”. Blame and responsibility are two very different things. One is from perception of fear and inner lack; the other from Love and inner-worth.

Self blame or guilt is very strong in North America. We have a concept of a ‘Santa Claus’ God, “Good little girls and boys get rewarded; bad girls and boys get punished”.. With this concept of God people believe they must do good to receive good, and their goodness is something to be earned and proven, this is not an unconditionally loving God. This creates patterns of perfectionism, and seeking approval.

Accept you are loved now and already good. From this perception you are more likely to take risks, and not fear making mistakes. Knowing an unconditional God presence loves you, as you are, makes you more likely to grow. If you think you have to do good, to be good, you will be afraid to admit your limiting perceptions and emotions. They become ‘proof’ of your guilt or sinfulness. It is impossible to allow your emotions when you believe you are guilty.

Believing that doing good somehow prevents what we define as ‘bad’ from happening keeps people trapped in a victim mentality. When the troubling event happens the person will interpret it as being attacked or as punishment. Know you are Loved now, and the event is seen as opportunity to know who you truly are and expand your awareness. This is the only purpose of life.

In the ‘Santa Clause God’ ‘dark spots’ within yourself are seen as bad or shameful. In the omnipresent loving force understanding of God ‘dark spots’ are seen as opportunities to heal and move into a greater version of your magnificent self. As we spiritually grow we are continually unlearning our limited understanding of the divine. This allows Beauty, Love, and Joy to be felt as you, and a showing to the world what self love looks like.

Commit to loving yourself and you benefit all those around you. Selfishness is asking others to change so you can feel better. Loving yourself as you are, and witnessing the things you are learning with compassion is the greatest gift you can give to your family and friends. You can’t teach family, except through your living example.

Taking full responsibility for your happiness does not mean blaming yourself. If there is any blame or self criticism then inner transformation does not happen. Our limitations only release in non-reaction, and acceptance. That which we love transforms; that which we judge gets bigger.

Many women have been taught through genetics and social upbringing to move their voices and opinions aside to be loved by a man. This is why many women lose themselves in relationships. But, both men and women, must learn that by fully claiming themselves they are claimed by Love. It is through this deep inner commitment to honor yourself and speak your truth that you can even be ready for your beloved. Speaking your truth means to say your true feelings and thoughts with compassion but without how he/she receives your communication. When you speak your truth you commit to your-Self and thus honor the Self in the other.

With a deep inner commitment to yourself, you truly give unconditionally. Until then, you are only giving to prove you are good, or to make others happy. Give because you want to radiate an inner love, and to feel love moving through you, as you. If your feelings are hurt when a person refuses your love, you gave with needing the other’s approval. You can only give what you have or what you truly feel within. Stop sacrificing your needs or voice, commit to loving yourself, and you will be able to give, and live without fear of another’s response.

Giving fully of the love, beauty and gifts you possess, without attachment requires a deep inner commitment to yourself. Honor your feelings, speak your truth, forgive yourself daily and be your own best friend. As you fully give of yourself you receive your-SELF. Because you already have everything within, committing fully to yourself organically and spontaneously causes you to be claimed by Love-God. You can’t make Love happen. Love happens as a natural result of choosing to Love yourself and commit to yourself. As you do, Love will be reflected all around you.

Barbra White

Barbra White was raised in natural healing and knew at a young age her purpose was to teach others how to realize Love-God within. She is a powerful healer and self-awareness teacher who has mentored so many people into finding their life purpose she has been called the “mid-wife to your soul”. 734-455-1438


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