Enjoy More; Suffer Less


Remember Alfred E. Neuman’s “What me worry?” We can create a new reality which says “What me suffer?” Suffering is and always has been optional.

Changing Our Thoughts = Changing Our Reality

Our thoughts about things that happen in our life becomes our reality, much like seeing one’s glass half empty or half full. And, come to think of it, what about seeing the glass as full? Whoa! Our thoughts can create that, too. We can change our thoughts to see any circumstance in a new and more constructive way. We can declare the circumstance a blessing, saying “This is a blessing in disguise because__________. Be still and let your intuition connect with your Higher Power to fill in the blank. Call for a new perspective from the Highest Source—-God, or whatever you call your Higher Power.

Reach for the Highest Level Guidance

You will have challenging experiences from time to time, so is wise to get some very high level help when you do. Lifting your thoughts to your Highest Source with the intention of eliminating the suffering is the best way I know to do this. Consulting in this way with your God is a powerful exercise; unexpected thoughts and feelings will pop into your consciousness to help change your perspective. All this happens, just because you ask for what you want.

Acting from a Place of Power

Let’s say that someone makes a derogatory remark about you. The first impulse is usually fear based; you might get angry with the person, feel sad, or want to defend yourself. These are typical reactions unless you seek a higher way of looking at the situation.

Instead of reacting, you can learn to act from a more powerful place, from a plane of higher consciousness. When you pay attention to answers from your higher power, you will lessen and can eventually eliminate suffering.

While it is comforting and useful to check in with our deceased loved ones or guides for certain kinds of information, when I seek the highest guidance, I go to the highest Source.

An Exercise to Connect to Your Higher Power

It is possible and even easy to consult with this Higher Power for help with one’s daily challenges. Get quiet and ask your Higher Power to help you change your perspective to one that is loving, comforting, and serves the highest good of all concerned. Sometimes a thought or feeling comes immediately, offering a higher perspective on the situation. If not, that’s fine because the answer will come within about 72 hours.

Just pay attention. Be alert. The answer to what you have asked can be delivered in a variety of ways. It may come in words someone says to you; a song on the radio; something you read, get in email, or see on television. The answer may appear on a billboard as you are driving along I-75.

You have asked for an answer and your Highest Source will surely bring it to you. The message will be there, possibly more than once and maybe in more than one way. Whether you receive it or not depends on you; you can see why it’s important to be alert.

What Have You Got to Lose?

There’s probably at least one thing in your life right now that you’ve tried to figure out on your own, suffering about it, and not getting satisfactory answers. What have you got to lose except mental and emotional stress—why not try something different? Bring in your Higher Power for some insight and clarity about how to proceed in a more empowering, gratifying way.

See for yourself if this really works! I’d love to hear how this works out for you. Reader’s experiences could be the basis for one of my articles in the Body Mind Spirit Guide.

Shala Kilmer


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