Could You Benefit From Hypnosis?


You may not know that hypnosis really does work. There are thousands of peer-reviewed articles that attest to the fact that hypnosis works and can be helpful for a large number of issues. In addition, it is important to know that despite the many myths about hypnosis, it is safe when done by a certified hypnotherapist. You will never do anything that goes against your moral beliefs or values, and you cannot get stuck in a hypnotic trance. The hypnotist guides you, but it is you who puts yourself into the hypnotic state, and you can very easily come out of it if you wish. Almost all people who have been hypnotized state that it is a very pleasant experience and it is very relaxing.

You may be aware that some of the most common reasons people go to a hypnotist are to quit smoking or to lose weight. But there are so many other areas in which hypnosis can be of help. Following are just some of the ways hypnosis can be of benefit.

Anxiety is a problem that affects a great number of people, and hypnosis can be extremely helpful in reducing if not eliminating it. Hypnosis is also very helpful for overcoming phobias. Do you have a fear of heights or fear of being in the water? Are you afraid of bugs or spiders or harmless snakes? Do you fear to be out in public? Do you have an overwhelming fear of flying? Does the thought of public speaking terrify you? Some people have an immense fear of going to the dentist. Others get very nervous when their blood pressure is taken and thus get a false reading.

A fear common to younger people is that of taking exams. They often get so anxious when taking a test that they miss questions they actually know the answers to. If you or a loved one experience any of these issues, hypnosis can be of great benefit.

Other areas in which hypnosis can help include concentration and memory. It can even help students be more successful in school. Hypnosis can also aid in sports performance, whether it be in tennis, golf, baseball, etc. For individuals experiencing sleep problems, whether it be with falling asleep, or having difficulty going back to sleep after awakening, hypnosis can be very beneficial. It can also energize you during the day if you’re feeling tired.

Stress is a huge problem for a great many people. We experience stress from our partners, from our work, when we are driving, and in many other situations. And stress can and often does, lead to illness. Hypnosis is an excellent technique to help you reduce the stress in your life, and is thus beneficial to your general health and well-being.

A complete list of the advantages of hypnosis is too long for this article, but let me just share a few other ways hypnosis can benefit you. If you have had a difficult childhood and have suppressed memories, hypnosis can help you retrieve these memories, deal with them in a healthy way, and then release them. It can also help you change the negative programming you received when you were younger, which is still causing problems for you today.

Finally, if you are open to the notion, hypnosis can help you experience past lives and can even help you communicate with guides, masters or angels on the other side, and gain insights and advice that you wouldn’t be able to get in other ways.

I hope you are beginning to see some of the many ways hypnosis can be of help. If you would like to find out more about hypnosis or would like to experience it, please call Phil Rosenbaum at 248-688-6469. Hypnosis has helped many individuals, and importantly, it does not require a great number of sessions to see dramatic improvements in your life.


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