Interesting Point of View


By Christine Fodor

What if everything you thought or heard was just an interesting point of view? What? Yep. No resisting or reacting, no aligning or agreeing, just an interesting point of view. It took me a very long time to actually get this tool and really use it, but once I did… FREEDOM!! Thus the name of the book, “The 10 Keys to Total Freedom” by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. This tool is actually, “Everything is just an interesting point of view.”

So what this actually does is give you the opportunity to let go and release many of your conclusions, taking things personally, getting hurt by other people’s words, or fighting for or against something. Whew, all of that is just exhausting anyways. There are so many people that take things personally and make it about them (I was one of them). But it has absolutely nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. It’s their stuff, not yours. They judge you, great! It’s not about you. The more you can choose, and say quietly to yourself, “Interesting point of view,” then you don’t take it in. How much more energy will you have then?

Friends who knew me way back when ask me, “How is it that things are going so well for you?” They know I’ve had my share of challenges in my life but I’m not struggling. They wonder, what is that? How does she do that? What is her secret? No secret… “The 10 Keys to Total Freedom”. Live it, be it, choose it, do it. Simple. And getting regular bodywork and facilitation is helpful during the challenging times. But it gets easier and easier. It’s like building muscle. If you’re going to run a marathon you have to train and build strength and endurance. How do you do that? Practice!

It’s so funny to me when I hear someone say about energy work, bodywork or using a new tool, “I did that once and it didn’t work.” Um, I brushed my teeth once but my teeth decayed, it didn’t work. I went to the doctor once but I still got sick, it didn’t work. I washed my clothes once but they stink again, it didn’t work. Lol. Interesting point of view! It’s something for you to do as often as it comes up, not just once.

So just like brushing your teeth, going to the doctor when you’re sick or washing dirty smelly clothes, using the tools is something you do every day. And how many times a day do you brush your teeth? Sometimes it’s multiple times. If you say, “Interesting point of view” all day about everything, how much freedom will that create? No aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting, just interesting point of view, then you don’t take it in and make it solid. It creates more possibility which brings more freedom and more choice… if you choose it of course.

So here’s an experiment… my challenge for you is to say, “Interesting point of view” to yourself when you conclude or judge anything or when you say, “This is how it is.” You can also practice this when others are talking to you — say in your head, “Interesting point of view” so you don’t buy their story. Just an experiment. Do it for a week, or if you’re really daring do it for a month, see what happens. Then email me and let me know.

You may just find that a new possibility in life opens up for you and creates more freedom in your world. Then what would you do? More energy, more freedom, more choice. What would your life be like then? So here’s the catch — for this to happen you have to actually do it and use the tool. What can you create in your life now?

And all of this is just an interesting point of view.

Christine Fodor


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