Courage and Faith



By Faith Brower








Courage is about the Choices we make to Overcome and Use the God-given Right to Advance, using inner Guidance to create the Experiences we are living.

Life isn’t about how many times we fail or how much success we have. As human beings, I think we’re here on earth to feel and have the experiences that we do. And with that amazing bubbling-up energy within, COURAGE, we make the choices that we do in order to create our experiences. Sometimes those experiences lead us towards victory and other times not.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a choice about doing something that was “right” vs. “wrong”? For example, when you forgot your lunch at home and you have no extra money to spend, and there is a Coney Island bag in the work fridge with no name on it; do you have the courage to not take it? Or, when you are friends with a person who is SO nice and easy to be with and they are attracted to you, but you are not attracted to them; do you find the courage to tell them your feelings?

When we do not use this bubbling-up energy of courage within us to guide us and advance us to experience great things, we often end up feeling bad about ourselves and want to hide. Or, maybe even live for a short time in a hole where no one will see us.

Without inner wisdom coupled with that inner power of courage, we often fall short of “the mark”. The alternative is to learn from our mistakes and let hindsight be a great teacher. Using wisdom along with courage leads us down another path. When we couple wisdom and courage, our experiences lead us into victory. Victory feels good, at least way better than “missing the mark”!

Let’s encourage each other to feel this victory. Overcome your fear and any faintness of heart to muster up the courage you need to create victory!


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