Creating a New World


What kind of an impact can one drop of water make? It may not seem like much; however, everything must be held in proper perspective because everything is part of a whole – a greater whole.

That simple drop of water could quench the thirst and provide a living environment for a small insect or an entire family of microorganisms. And, what are we, in comparison to this expansive Universe that we call home, if not a microorganism that is compelled by nature to seek some form of existence?

We are to the Universe what that drop of water is to an ocean. But, we should never lose sight of the significance of all parts that make up the whole, in every situation and circumstance. Size is irrelevant when it comes to the potential impact that one drop, or one person for that matter, can make. And while a single droplet can’t sustain a fish, those droplets can sustain an array of sea life filling several oceans.

In this same way, we must begin to see each other, not as individuals who are separate from each other, but as many different parts of a greater whole, with no one being more or less important than the next.

The current world condition has provided a clear message of who we are in terms of our jobs, appearance, wealth, and the like is irrelevant. Every one of us shares the same vulnerability of being encapsulated in a human wrapper while having this life experience. This pandemic has given us the opportunity to come together for a common cause. It has stripped away any perceived safeguards that money or status could provide.

As co-creators, we can choose to build something better. The new world isn’t something to fear, but something to embrace. Waking up to the importance of connecting with each other, and realizing that our most valuable possessions don’t come with a price tag, we can now reevaluate our priorities and shift into a new way of thinking, doing, and living.

However, when it comes to this next phase in humanity, while many have been awakened to the importance of slowing down and appropriately prioritizing their time and energies, there are still many who are more comfortable with returning to the dysfunctional pattern that had become everyday life before all of this happened. Even though it may have been an uncomfortable, fast-paced, stress-filled existence, it’s still easier for some to return to what’s known and familiar over the thought of venturing into something new and unknown. When faced with the reality that there are still those who prefer reverting, we must fight the urge to let anger pull us into a dark place, where we’re no longer holding that bright light of hopeful change for humanity. In those instances, we’re choosing to contribute to the problem instead of the solution.

During times of quiet reflection, remember that darkness cannot exist where there is light and make a decision to confront the negative people and situations with love. We’re all evolving, but in different ways and at a different pace from each other.

I wish that each of you will see the upcoming reintegration process as an opportunity to become true co-creators. Remembering to shower every person and situation with love, compassion, and understanding as we all work together to bring about a better way of living. Namaste’


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