Daily Affirmation: Abundant Wealth


I  am so joyous and grateful for the continuous gush of money flowing to me every moment of every day.  It flows freely, directly and non-stop through multiple channels that are generous, kind and supportive of my highest good.  I know, and always remember, deep within my soul that God, and only God, is my true Source.  I am prosperous.  I am prosperous.  I am prosperous.

I remember daily that money is actually energy that easily and effortlessly flows to and from me.  I continue to seek a deeper understanding and closer relationship with money.  Every day I choose to forgive perceived hurts, misunderstandings and judgments about money and wealth.  As a result, my relationship with money continues to grow in a mature, healthy manner.  It presents numerous opportunities of an expanded expression of my authentic self.  I am prosperous.  I am prosperous.  I am prosperous.

My relationship with money is one of respect, generosity and mindfulness.  I set boundaries around this relationship that are flexible and intuitive.   I open my heart and begin to allow the energy of money flow to and from me in a reciprocal fashion.  I allow this circular motion to combine with my own energy field and do so with ease and grace.  I recognize and see it as a beautiful dance.  In full partnership, I dance with it daily.  I have more than enough and easily give to others as Spirit moves me to do so, acknowledging that giving is the same as receiving.  Every day I allow, I allow, I allow.   I am prosperous.  I am prosperous.  I AM PROSPEROUS!

This or something better.

So be it.

Thank you, God!

Rev. Deborah Bogle

Rev. Deborah Bogle, MA, LLP, CAADC, (248) 244-2060 Helping Hearts Heal www.HelpingHeartsHeal.com , dbogle@HelpingHeartsHeal.com


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