Astrology, Spirituality and the Cosmos -Part 1


One thing I love about astrology is that it helps put things into perspective. When we gaze out at a starry night and see planets and stars being born millions of light years away, we realize that we are tiny in comparison. The study of the cosmos keeps our egos in check! The more we study astrology, the more it keeps us sane and detached about all the crazy and wonderful things that happen to us. We are, after all, just specks of cosmic dust.  But we’re important too because we’re also Sparks of the Divine.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that astrology is, “astronomy applied to the affairs of men.” It’s the influence of the planets on human behavior. It is a very ancient art and science with roots going back to what was Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization 6,000 years ago and even earlier than that.

Every culture studied the heavens.  The priests used to be astrologers; they would predict outcomes of wars and sometimes get their heads chopped off if they were wrong – or right (if they predicted a failure which then came about!)

Astrology is vast because it is our inter-relationship with the cosmos. Because the cosmos is an expression of the Creator Itself, and we too are part of this great Cosmic Creation, the relationship is indeed a spiritual one.

Guidebook for Life

I also love astrology because it provides each one of us with a unique guidebook for our journey through life. This guidebook is published the moment we’re born; it is our birth chart. Our birth chart (also called natal chart) is a representation of our karmic pattern, as well as a powerful map of our past, present and future.

Life becomes an exciting journey when we realize why we’re here. However, most of us wouldn’t go on any journey without Mapquest or navigation equipment.  This journey of life is more important than traveling to work in the morning so we definitely need a map or guidebook.

I would never claim that astrology is the only guidebook, by the way; a trained and honed intuition is just as good, if not better. However, it is certainly the most useful and reliable guidebook I have found.



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