Daily Affirmation of Forgiveness


I am so thankful and joyous that I allow myself to forgive past hurts, no matter what they may be.  No matter what was done, what was not done, what was said or not said, I consciously decide to forgive all things and all others, including myself.  I acknowledge that forgiveness is a process.  One way that I activate this process is to take a deep breath from my belly, “muster up” courage within myself and, with my inner emotional hurt connected to my mind and spirit, I now release it from my entire being, cells and energy field.  I allow this release from my body, my cells and my energy field as easily as I release the breath I was just holding.  As deep as my wound is, as penetrating as the betrayal was, I now give the gift of Forgiveness to myself and release this wound.  I now set boundaries around the “offender” and my own actions in order to keep myself safe at all times.

I earnestly choose to forgive others and myself because it is a loving action for me.  I, instead, focus, contemplate and reflect upon high vibrational images, situations and dreams.  I am appreciative and grateful that I have chosen this action of Forgiveness.  I know that it is a necessary benefit to me and my life journey ahead.  The act of Forgiveness clears me of toxins such as being stuck in the past, negative self-talk, and negative thoughts and images.  My energetic vibration rises as I actually bless my perceived offender, knowing he or she was only acting out of his or her own woundedness from the past and present.   I can now more easily and readily move forward in life and accomplish my desired goals and visions.

I now consciously choose to no longer carry the abuse and pain with me that encumber me on my journey of love, light and bliss.  I set down this baggage on my journey now, refusing to carry this burden any longer.  Whatever happened has happened.  It is done and I made it through.  I congratulate this within and about myself.   I am finished with it.  Whatever unconscious secondary gain I might have been receiving from it, I now release that also.  I allow healing to permeate my entire being, from head to toe, down to each and every cell within.  I now let it go.  It is done.  It is gone.  I allow joy to flow into my being and well up from within.  I am now FREE! I am free indeed. So be it.  This or something better.


Thank you God.

 Rev. Deborah Bogle, MA, LLP, CAADC

Deborah Bogle, Helping Hearts Heal,  (248) 244-2060, www.HelpingHeartsHeal.com dbogle@HelpingHeartsHeal.com


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