DDS Therapy


By Laura White

At Alice Huang’s Natural Chinese Therapies you will find many choices for personal healing. Whether it’s Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture or Massage, with DDS Therapy Alice and her therapists have you covered from head to toe. Since people are turning to integrative and alternative treatments to support overall health and well-being, DDS massage therapy just might be what we need to relieve emotional, physical or mental stress.


DDS therapy works in tandem with both Eastern and Western medical traditions to provide a fully integrative experience for the client. In DDS therapy the client is treated by a licensed massage therapist, proficient in use of the DDS machine. This therapy helps to balance not only the physical aspects of wellness through massage, but the internal elements as well. DDS therapy uses a small electrical current controlled by the therapist during the massage to help align the meridians of the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are lines that run throughout the body. These lines of energetic and physical significance are effectively balanced when the DDS machine is used in conjunction with massage therapy. In a session, the therapist will use Western massage techniques, Eastern reflexology points, the DDS EC certified machine, and traditional Chinese medicine principles to balance the meridians. When these meridian lines are in balance and working together in harmony, we are able to live fully in our bodies as balanced, healthy individuals.


DDS therapy works in many ways to promote and maintain overall well-being and vitality. While the client relaxes on a massage table, the therapist uses bio-electric currents as they massage the client to stimulate the meridians; the energetic channels and physical channels through which blood flows. These currents work on the peripheral nerves as well as the central nervous system to induce relaxation and healing on a cellular level. The currents are literally rearranging the molecular cells in the body from a disorganized pattern that contributes to disease, to a more organized cell structure. With regular application of DDS therapy, the body may be able to heal itself in a more efficient manner.


The benefits of DDS therapy are wide and can impact all areas of life. DDS therapy helps to clear the blockages of our meridians. Remember, DDS is a controlled therapy that promotes better blood flow throughout the body and improves viscosity, which is the thickness of our blood as it flows through our veins. When circulation and blood flow is at its peak, illness has a hard time surviving in our bodies. DDS therapy can also activate nerve and muscle tissues to improve overall nervous system functioning and restore muscle tone, thereby, it may help to relieve muscle pain.

DDS can help to regulate our digestive systems and promote healthy endocrine responses to stress. When our endocrine glands function properly, everything from sleep to appetite, digestion and how we manage stress in everyday life is improved. As our endocrine system improves with regular applications of DDS therapy, our body will feel less fatigue due to the organ and related systems functioning at a greater level of wellness.

Other effects of DDS therapy include: relief from inflammation, pain reduction, detoxifying and purification of the blood, and greater metabolism. DDS therapy also offers many emotional benefits as well. When you start to clear out the physical junk and difficulties, it then makes room for the body to begin to emotionally heal. Just like the Earth is cleansed after a thunderstorm, DDS Therapy has a profound cleansing and clearing effect on all systems of our bodies.

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