Discerning Your Purpose


By Linda La Croix

  Most of us, at one time or another, wonder about life and what brought us into this existence. What is our life purpose? When questioning thoughts about life come into your mind, sink into yourself. Hopefully, you can go deep enough to vaguely feel and identify yourself as a part of the cosmic plan, a piece of a bigger picture, and know that you are a spiritual being living a human experience.  

  On the other side of that thinking is the physical world. Here we think we are a body wandering throughout our years. As if it’s an experience we were brought into with no choice. Not so. 

  Many spiritual leaders have said that we choose to come into the world. When we do, we also choose the type of experiences we would like to learn and/or live through. Many believe people decide to come into the world to be a part of something together as a larger group. Like an event so large and noticeable, it impacts the world, leading people to change the way they think or act, and they could be right. 

  I have accepted into my life that we all decide to come into the world to do good things. As I have said before, “We are God in action,” and since God is energy, “He has no life unless it moves through us.”  

  I believe we come into the world to create goodness wherever we go, God goodness. It then seems natural to me that we contemplate our purpose to affirm our goodness is functioning at its best.

  In Unity World Wide Institute’s pre-ministerial studies, our class had plenty of materials to look over while we discerned our purpose. Yet, as far as a purpose goes, I do not believe we have only one. I feel that our lives and living are much greater than one purpose. But can we see the purpose that lies within ourselves? 

  Life is a journey in which we will travel many different roads and experience twists and turns to learn from. We may even look, evaluate, and choose to bypass some. Our choices will determine the events, people, or things that move in and out of our journey. Some we will keep and treasure, while others we bless and separate ourselves from. Remember those thoughts as you begin looking at your life. 

  Do your best not to get caught up in the stories or drama of life. Just look at your choices and your reactions. Be open to seeing what you came into human form to be.

  When you spend time discerning your purpose, you may notice that you have invested yourself in many things. It might be difficult for you to note one specific purpose among all your outstanding achievements and all the good you have done. But I guarantee it’s there! 

  Look deeply and with great intent. Scan through your life. As all the visions of you unfold, you’ll see something was always there, One thing, one energy, one common thread that runs through your entire being and links all your other purposes together. 

  Understand that it may not be at the front of your mind because you have always just lived it without thinking about it. When you find it, you will know because it defines you and your purpose. Whatever it is, it makes you happy, fulfilled, and joyous. It’s you; it’s in your being; it’s in all your actions; it is!  

  Breathe in, and know that you were living your main purpose throughout your lifetime, in every purpose you invested your time and energy into. The one you came into this lifetime to experience, learn lessons from, and give back to the world. 

 What a proud day it is to admire you for living the goodness within long before you even knew it! Keep up the good work, be God in Action, pursue your purpose with great might, and share it with others. 

God bless you today and every day,

Linda La Croix 

Unity Director 

Unity Lake Orion




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