Discovering Your Power


By Susan deCaussin

Exactly where does one’s power exist? Is it found by measuring their physical strength? Or, maybe it’s relative to their ranking in society. Could it be that it’s determined by monetary and material wealth? Perhaps, to some, it’s the sum of all these things combined. I want to offer another perspective. 

As good students of modern-day society, we’ve been trained to believe that everything we need to be happy, healthy, successful, and safe comes from sources outside of us. You must own these things, take these pills, be better than other people, and don’t forget to get insurance to protect every aspect of your life. And then, if something doesn’t work out the way it was planned, we’ve been programmed to point fingers, pass blame, and even litigate! Wow. No wonder so many people feel that their lives are out of control. When we allow resources from outside of us to determine our sense of well-being, it’s easy to feel out of control. 

But even though we’ve been conditioned to hold these beliefs, it’s not too late to turn things around. All it takes is a simple shift in perspective to redirect your entire life. 

In every situation, there are opportunities for choices to be made. And, while you can’t control what goes on around you, you CAN control how it will affect you simply by choosing how you’ll react.  

What I’m saying is this… your true power lies in your ability to control your reactions in all situations. When you’ve accomplished this task, nothing can derail you, bring you down, or make you feel disempowered in any way because it’s never about what happens to you in life. It’s only ever about how you choose to react to it.  

Having this awareness, you can gain greater control over the quality of your life by purposely deciding to react to situations in ways that will help to maintain peace and positivity. When you understand that every choice you make impacts your well-being, you can begin to take back the control you were duped into thinking didn’t exist. 

Don’t allow negative people and situations to control your happiness. Make a conscious choice to focus on those things that are positive and good in your life. Your true power exists in your ability to react to the world in ways that won’t surrender your peace. Take back control by changing yourself, and you won’t ever be at the whim of your outside environment ever again. 

If you are overrun with negative thoughts & thought patterns, and feel like your life is out of control, keep in mind that Hypnotherapy can help. When you learn how to control your circumstances by adjusting how you react and respond to life, you will begin to discover where your true power lives. I offer free consultations by phone and in person. Reach out if I can be of service. 

Namaste, Susan

Susan deCaussin CHt

Healing Methods LLC


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, 

Siwa Murti (Balinese Healing) Practitioner/Teacher, 

Spiritual Advisor


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