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Divine Feminine Shamans 

Divine Feminine Shamans 

By Barbra White

Divine-Feminine-Shaman’s is a collection of women’s wisdom dedicated to honoring the horizontal axis of body, sexuality, community, and emotions– grounded within every person’s innate, intrinsic connection to nature.  

It’s time to be authentically you. It’s time to be unapologetic about your feelings, needs, and desires. It’s time to stand strongly against misogyny, racism, animal agriculture, and homophobia. We are the voices of the Earth; we are the ones we have been waiting for. It’s time to channel that holy rage into the manifestation of your dreams and stand up for a world that works for all. 

How would you feel if you “protected yourself” by living in only one room of your home? Initially, it may be a feeling of safety, but this false safety would eventually lead to feeling trapped, depressed, and confined. What if you believed or were taught that in exploring those other rooms, you would be killed, shamed, or something bad was certainly to happen? This is the problem. Women have been domesticated and declawed into one room of themselves. 

You are that home. You are multi-dimensional. You are a queen, divine-feminine shaman, fairy, sacred whore, priestess, and child. There is more to you than the roles you play, the noses you wipe, or the approval you gain. You are more than a wife, daughter, or human being! Your broader ecological identity or True Self is held within the mystery of Earth, animals, plants, and Cosmic Christ. 

Reclaiming your embodied presence and true power, you are protected, guided, and guarded by the voice within. Through the Divine-Feminine-Shamans collective wisdom, you learn to be embodied and radically love yourself, allowing you access to your inner voice (intuition or God within). Ancestral trauma, feminine repressions, agricultural warfare, and religious and sexual shaming have convinced us that going small, and hiding makes us safe…alas, it makes us a target. 

First, we must know we are trapped–to free ourselves. The systemic depressive rates, unexplained physical pains, and collective trauma are the sounding alarms of our self-containment. 

We shut ourselves down inside, thinking this protects us; we hide our real power, thinking this will make us more acceptable. The time has come to claim your magic, dear one. Your family, community, and Earth beings need you to break the ancestral chains. Let this amazing collection of women and teachings guide you to your inner mansion.

The Divine-Feminine-Shamans collective is the deeply held womb wisdom, ancestral matriarchal line, and intrinsic plant songs held within the cells of our bodies. 

It is time for women to rise rooted, together, occupying our full space or ALL the rooms of our indwelling self, in deep remembrance of our wild-queen princess, servant-leader, and fairy selves. 

February begins a 3-month season introduction of the deep feminine wisdom. 

Self-Acceptance-Process Facilitator Traning-9-month is held co-currently starting in April! DivineFeminineShamans.com, 734-796-6690, MotherBearSanctury.com 

Divine-Feminine-Shamans collective honors the continued struggles for self-determination of the original indigenous peoples of this land. We also acknowledge that this country would not exist if it weren’t for the free, enslaved labor of Black people. Black lives matter. DFS lineage is a living direct collective womb channeling from plants, animals, Cosmic Christ Mystery, and the Earth. 


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