by Eve Wilson

The change of seasons is mirrored in the changes of our lives. The longer seasons of civilizations are also mirrored there. There is a time and a season for everything.

Here in Northern Michigan, summer turns to fall overnight – swimming gives way to ferns turned golden and patches of color in the trees. There is both comfort and sadness in these changes for me now as the beautiful leaves carpet the ground and the trees enter hibernation. The Eagles have flown south, and the yard is quiet without all the blue jays. It’s getting cold. Soon there will be the first snow with suddenly slippery roads making it safer to stay home. I, too, will enter a mini-hibernation when I surrender the pleasure of another warm season up north to head south to Ann Arbor.

Returning to Ann Arbor, I will surrender my expanded sense of nature and tuck my energy into the smaller environment of my townhome. Sometimes it feels like I’m a bear crawling back into her cave. But here in my winter home, I will spend more time with kids and grandkids and enjoy having stores a safe and convenient distance away.

Winter puts a large part of nature to sleep here in the North. Earth surrenders her splendid and fruitful summer reality for the stillness and death of winter. But under all that, I know there is a rich inner life of rebirth beginning…preparing for the next period of warmth and splendor.
I believe that nothing ever dies that isn’t reborn in its’ next right way. I perceive that we are going through a death of old ways in our world.
Death is frightening, often ugly, and painful. It is hard.

As I surrender to the death of the warm season, I believe there is a new birth ahead not only for nature but for each individual, each country, and our world. As I participate in the one constant that is change, it is comforting to meditate and pray for world transitions to unfold in harmony with the higher purpose which I perceive within everything.

As a healer, teacher, and world healing and ascension worker, I have a privileged perspective because I partner with the Higher Power to do my work. I have spirit traveled across time from just prior to the dawn of creation to the birth of the new world which is unfolding within us now. To me, the old social, political, and economic systems are like a chrysalis around our butterfly. I wonder if a butterfly has anxiety about its metamorphosis…I doubt it!

We, humans, are rarely gifted with such trust and ease of change. But just because we fear it doesn’t mean it is bad to undergo such changes. I’m not surprised so little is making sense within the chaos of our world lately since what is ahead for us is quite new, and people want to hold onto the familiar which is passing. I choose to focus on the new and surrender the old, just as I surrendered the recent beautiful northern summer on the lake. I know next summer will bring an abundance of new blessings and gifts, as will the new seasons of our world.

I know from many experiences that life goes on beyond individual incarnations, beyond the birth and death of civilizations, and even beyond the life of worlds. To be present during a period of great change is a privilege that requires trust and courage. I choose to trust this metamorphosis! Blessings and gifts are heading our way, and I embrace the journey.


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