Divine Order


By Laura Moody

It’s 8:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, and I need to wake my husband up. “Maybe let him sleep a few more minutes, I think. I walk into the bedroom and call his name, and he does not respond. I call again, and a sick, sinking feeling starts in the pit of my stomach. I am shaking. I put my head on his heart. He is not breathing. I am in shock. I dial 911, they walk me through CPR, and a few minutes later, they arrive. He is gone. He has left the land of the living. How can this happen, I think? We were laughing and having fun yesterday. We were saying affirmations and visualizing the things and experiences we wanted to manifest. How did I miss this? Why did I not see it coming? Why now?

As hard as it is to write this, the answer is “divine order.” I have seen over and over that there is an energy, a presence working on our behalf, and an order to the things we experience in our lives. This order works for our good and betterment and helps us to grow and evolve. Have you ever wanted to get a job, and for whatever reason, you miss it? Only to have something else come up instead that is perfect for you. I call this divine order.

Divine Order is the alignment of all aspects of our life according to what is perceived as a plan for us… our purpose…or our connection with the Universe. It has assisted me in many mysterious ways. It has brought me to certain moments in life where everything has fallen into place. Sometimes, it is confusing, and other times, it is blatantly obvious. I trust in divine order. I trust that “life is on my side,” even when life is hard and confusing, even when you can see no purpose in an event being played out a certain way.

In my many years as a psychic medium, I have seen divine order play out in many ways. In my husband’s death, it was perfect that he passed on a Monday morning; had it been Tuesday, I would have been out of town. In my working career, many layoffs or missed opportunities led me to where I am today. In my relationships, being directed to be in a certain place at a certain time has opened the doors to new friendships.

I want to encourage you to “trust” in divine order. It is always working on our behalf. It is a loving energy that helps us to get to the right place at the right time. I love affirmations, and one of my favorites is “everything is in divine order in my life .”As we speak this affirmation, our soul and spirit align with our higher self to get the help we need. Divine order is always working in our lives whether we see it or not. I encourage you to look at how Divine Order has worked for you. It is a journey, a labyrinth that leads us to our ultimate home.

“Laura Moody is a psychic medium that offers phone readings or can be seen at many events with Rock Your World. For more on Laura, go to: www.readingsbylaura.net”


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