Do Dreams Have Hidden Meaning?


Yes, dreams do have a hidden meaning, and you might even dream of future events! In dreams, your loved ones in spirit will communicate with you from the other side. However, dreams mainly work out everyday problems that you experienced through the waking hours. These are then filed into your subconscious mind.

When in REM sleep, you are in the Delta level of consciousness. In this level, you may find yourself connected to the universal mind of God — create a book, write music, invent something amazing… your mind never really stops working even while you are in the deepest level of sleep. Some people claim that they never dream! However, if you did not dream while sleeping, you would slip into a psychotic mind and possibly die. So, you do dream! You might not remember all or any of your dreams, but that is not the same as not having dreams.

Having trouble remembering your dreams? Before you go to sleep, put a pad of paper and a pen next to you on the nightstand, or get a tape recorder. Next, get a full glass of water, drink half of the water, then save the other half and keep it on your nightstand. Now, as you are falling asleep, tell yourself that when you wake and drink the other half of the water, you will have a clear memory of any dreams or spirit visits from the night before. Upon waking, if possible, don’t get up to go to the bathroom because any distraction can cause your dreams to evaporate away.

Once you have had the other half of water, quickly reach over and get your pen and paper and write down all that you recall, or speak into your recorder and record the events of the night. It might take a few nights before this program of recalling your dreams comes easily, but if you are persistent, you will have a great dream diary before you know it.

There is no real interpretation of dreams that will fit everyone’s dreams, even though many have written books about the meaning of dreams. Why? Well, with each culture and belief system, there are many different meanings and different scenarios that will play out for that individual’s emotional and cultural understanding. For instance, red might mean hate in one culture, and in another culture, it might mean love. A dog might mean happiness to one culture, and to another, it might mean disgrace.

Remember, your world is not operating with the same beliefs as someone down the street from you. If you have no belief in a higher being or Universal Mind, you will have a whole different idea of what red or a dog might mean, and so on.

Some of the best writers of our time have woken up in the middle of the night and finished a book or script in lightning fast time because it seemed to stream from the mind. However, it came as the mind rested and allowed the creative mind to take over and accomplish the task. There have been writers who have seen the future and wrote about what they dreamt, not realizing it was a future event.

A good psychic can also see what has been going on in your life. If you cannot bring the solution forward in your dreams, your psychic can tell you the answers from your higher mind and bypass you trying to remember your dreams. People that dream in a very deep Delta level of the mind may not be able to recover their dreams easily. It is good to recall your dreams and understand their meaning. The solutions to your fears, frustrations, and decisions are worked out in your sleep.

When a loved one has passed on, and you would like to tell them something, or you want to have a loving exchange and know if they are doing well, but you can’t feel them in the waking hours, you might see them in the dream state. Sometimes in readings, I find that a spirit will come to me, saying that they have been trying to tell their loved one something, but they do not seem to be listening. The spirit then says they will communicate to their loved one while they sleep. Sleep well, and remember your dreams!


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