Domestic Vibrations


By John Ashbrook

One of the most interesting and often requested applications of numerology is its ability to describe the conditions and circumstances of domestic vibrations. Domestic vibrations are symbolized by house numbers. A home is a mini-realty and the energy vibrations in and around that home are described by the numbers that make up its address. The house number is both reflective and directive. It reflects a set of circumstances, which exist in your life during your residence there. It also directs many situations that may arise at the same time. So, the number of the house you choose to live in can, in many instances, describe conditions which exist in your life and can help you in how to deal with these conditions and situations.

It is important to remember that the house number does not set up conditions, it describes conditions that already exist. It provides understanding and guidance about these conditions. If you are moving, you should consider the domestic vibration of the home that you are moving into. Does that number fit the circumstances of your life at this time and can you live up to the lessons and living situations described by the number?

It is very quick and easy to figure your overall house vibrations. Simply add up all of the numbers together and then reduce the total to a single digit by adding through. Example: A 768 house number would be a 3 (7+6+8=21 and 2+1=3). Another example: A 1990 house number would be a 1 (1+9+9+0=19 and 1+9=10 and 1+0=1). Remember to keep adding digits until you come up with a single digit. Figure the vibration (number) of your place of residence and look it up in the following list of number descriptions.

A Number One House: In many ways, this house number represents new beginnings. It encourages originality of purpose, independence, responsibility, and courage. To live in this house, you need to develop your strength of will, determination, and character. The circumstances of living in this house will both challenge you and help you in these areas of life.

A Number Two House: This house often represents the taking of a new path in life. It calls for the cultivation of cooperation and diplomacy. Success here is gained through accurate knowledge and attention to detail. The energy in this home encourages sensitivity and development of your intuitive faculties.

A Number Three House: Happiness and personal fulfillment through expressing your individual ideas and creative talents are what this home is all about. Communication is emphasized in this environment. This is not a place to suppress your feelings and emotions. Living here will challenge you to develop your self-esteem. It will also encourage your creativity.

A Number Four House: This is a home where personal change or transformation is called for and hard to avoid. There is an energy here that challenges you plan, organize and pursue the practical aspects of long-term security. Building a foundation is the key phrase here. You must remain flexible at the same time because stagnation is a threat while living here.

A Number Five House: This is a great home for people who have a progressive, active outlook on life. The energy here is high and conducive to constant change. The potential for personal growth is present, but so is the great of scattered energy. Routine is not a characteristic of this home, so one must be careful to maintain a focus. This is also a great place to entertain or hold social events. You can learn a lot and grow a lot in this energy. Expect a lot of people traffic.

A Number Six House: Peace, love, and harmony are the hallmarks of this home. This is a “homey” home, a great place for family and family traditions. The energy here demands commitment, loyalty, and a sense of duty. This is a warm environment that children and animals will enjoy. Generally, the goodwill and humanitarian spirit that exists here attracts the best life has to offer.

A Number Seven House: Oftentimes, there is a quiet, reflective presence here. This is a place where self-realization and spiritual growth is called for. This is a home where events can take place that will test your faith and challenge you to embrace your personal truth. Success can be achieved here in the pursuits of investigation and research. A great place to relax and read a good book.

A Number Eight House: In many ways, this home is a place where ambition and the pursuit of business success can thrive. The energy here is powerful and many times businesses are conducted from this home. This is not a place where a critical or judgmental attitude will do you any good, such an attitude here will only cause guilt and stress. This is a great home for music and its positive effect on one’s spirit.

A Number Nine House: If you enjoy helping others this is a great home vibration for you. However, you will also be challenged to know when to let go and set limits with other people. There is a dramatic energy here where emotions can get out of hand, but at the same time, art and beauty thrive in this house. This is a great vibration for people who love to work and get things done. This is also a place to practice forgiveness.

John Ashbrook is a professional numerologist and intuitive spiritual counselor. He teaches a comprehensive Spiritual Development Program that combines ongoing classes with Individual Guidance sessions to maximize personal growth. For information about private consultations, classes and other services, please call John at 734-326-3433


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