Each Moment is a New Beginning


Every moment is a new beginning. We all make choices each and every moment of our lives, so each moment is a new beginning for the rest of your life. Be willing, right now, to take inventory of where and what your choices have brought to you this year. Are you happy with the life you’ve created? If not, by changing your thoughts, you can change your life. If yes, continue to monitor your thoughts and actions to keep on the path you are happy with.

You are blessed that every moment you get the opportunity to create your life with each breath, each thought, and action you take. Why not create the life you want? Create a life where you are the best person you can be, being connected and living through Source, moment by moment, step by step. Take each experience as an opportunity for taking that pause, considering who you want to be in that moment — where do you want your path to go, and what choices can get you there. What thoughts and actions can get you there? Create the energy and thoughts, actions, for the life you dream of.

Becoming aware of your thoughts is a new beginning to your new life. By changing your thoughts and the actions which follow, you have the potential to bring into your life, new experiences. Begin by monitoring your thoughts and feelings; really pay attention to them and acknowledge your feelings toward everything you say throughout the day. It’s only when you really choose to become aware of your inner talk that you can begin to change it. Write down your inner talk, your thoughts. Ask yourself if your inner talk is what you really want to be telling yourself. Then choose what positive talk you would really like to be saying to yourself.

If you say to yourself, I never accomplish my goals, why bother making any? You could choose to replace it with something like I can take the steps to accomplish my goals. You can also ‘reality test’ your inner talk. Ask yourself, “Do I NEVER accomplish my goals? Then, find where the negative statement is not true. In this case, I’m sure you’ve had a goal before of driving to work, and you did. Small example, yet powerfully illustrates that you do accomplish some goals.

You will find that your inner talk will become much more affirming. You get to rewrite your inner programs into ones that are raising you to be your very best self and accomplish your goals. Your energy and attitude will change as will your perspective and experience of life. In fact, you are setting yourself up for the potential for even more success in your future as each feeling and new positive inner self-talk makes your next step in life a new beginning towards the life of your dreams. You get to really know who you are and what you want on your path to accomplishing self-actualization.

Now is the time to let go of old programs and thoughts and create new programs and thoughts that will help you fulfill the potential for greatness that you have. Remember, you are part of Source. You have the greatness of Source within you. All you have to do is connect with it, be in the present moment, have right thinking as guided by Source, and follow through to have your new beginning for the life you want. Then repeat and repeat… and repeat while you create the life you desire.

Attract the people to you who will be positively supportive. Get the career that makes your heart sing. Every experience is another opportunity to learn, grow, and choose your thoughts and actions so that you can create the life you not only want but that you deserve.

Each moment is filled with the potential and opportunity to be your best and highest self and create the life you dream of. Let this moment be your new beginning for the life you desire. Live this new moment as it is your new beginning.


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