Embrace and Rise Your Warrior Love


Embrace and Rise Your Warrior Love
By Karamjeet Kaur

I know it is tough to see possibilities in hard times. I know it is the norm to believe that life is always hard. I know each of us is on the constant edge of “test” to believe on happiness existence. As these patterns exist in us for decades, we always believe that we got chase the possibility. Sometimes the more we chase, the further it gets.

The draining inner love starts working within. It creates the lower level of negativity that switch the thoughts to see impossibility only. I am aware the pain we face now is way harder than before. The unease of feeling good becomes expensive. Your thoughts become confused about questioning the happening. The anger, frustration, lackness many more become more visible to that impossibility than love, joy, and good.

I share here that You Got To Embrace and Rise Your Warrior Love to move against the odd you see. You got to keep rising. Keep rising as even you may fall many times. Keep focusing in you that there is the hope of good. As Sun rises and sets daily, we, too, have the same ability. You were born as Warrior Love and, at the same time, as an untouchable being. You have the key to unlock your own ability to make a difference in your life.

You may face total penniless now. That should never stop you or make you believe that You are Poor. The situation comes alive make to only ignite the Warrior Love that you have been holding. Awaken the warrior love in you; focus on the possibility only. As you focus on possibility constantly, your resilient power becomes stronger. You will notice a good small start to appearing in your path. Allow yourself to receive the good.

Many of us closed our door to receiving good after facing many challenges in life. They believe it’s pointless to keep hoping to allow to receive good. It becomes a truth gradually because the self-refuse to allow it. To create good in life after facing challenges, you must first learn to Trust Yourself. You learn to embrace the bad while raising your warrior love to receive good. You must give a chance to yourself. If you shut down, let you lose, you are allowing more worst comes to your path.

Every challenge comes our way is to make us more powerful. Over the years in self-love practices, I embrace my challenge freely. I embrace it because I know it appeared to let me aware I can overcome. I assure myself, every challenge teaches two things. One is Trust Myself more, and another is feel good to be me. Even I may some lost in facing the challenge; deep within aware, I am here to make me better than yesterday.

You are given freedom of choice in life. Cease to believe you are restricted to create the best in your life. You provide the power to make the best as it comes and create a new change for new possibilities. Every thought in us is our ability to choose for a new norm. As we hold to believe that this time will pass as well, it will happen accordingly. We only require to believe the world is a beautiful place to be; it will gradually show as your thoughts believe.

As I know, it’s tough, but you are born as A Warrior of Love. Believe that, feel it. You will slowly rise to conquer that challenging moment. Movies of such character are not only made to be entertained, though many believe that. The superpower character already exists within. Otherwise, the idea of such character will not be created. Think about it. It is a choice to choose in your belief system.

Here are some tips for appreciating Your Inner Warrior Love:-

Breath In and Breath Out in a very slow manner until you feel you are one with your heartbeat. As you are one within, say Thank you to self. Thank you for bringing out Warrior in you that you can see clearly to move through at ease.

Once the Thank you is done, be on silent meditative mode. Feel the appreciation of “You Can Do Ist.” Even let say you can’t feel, keep initiating it till it becomes real in you. Then take a deep breath from your navel and pull up, hold at count six, and release your breath at count nine slowly. Let your power be balance within. Keep repeating till You will feel the new rise “warrior love”

Get a journal. Create your own power ability of how you feel in being a Warrior Love. For example, “I am capable of solving this issue; there is only room of possibilities within. I believe that my calmness will rise the peace”. You can create as many versions of yourself. Keep repeating the same version for 40 days to allow significant change.

Never stop practicing Love yourself, practicing to mirror work, and writing down the affirmation of loving you.

The above exercise is to make focus on the possibility and power that exist in you. Keep doing this and feeling your “Warrior Love.” You will be amazed at yourself facing a challenging moment. You will slowly believe that nothing is impossible. You are Truly Warrior Love.

Thank you for reading. I wish you always love.

Blessing of Love
Karamjeet Kaur
Self Love Specialist Coach


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