Energy Follows Intention


We all have intentions. In fact, we are intending something almost all the time. We intend to save money, lose weight or take more time off for ourselves. We intend to be less angry, watch less TV or quit smoking. These are all noble intentions but we rarely achieve them to our satisfaction. Something seems to stand in the way of our progress or progress becomes difficult and slow. Soon we give up reverting to our old way of doing things. But deep down the desire to change is always there. When there is a gap between where we want to be and where we are, there is usually pain, suffering, unhappiness or frustration. Nevertheless, we settle for less. We settle for the way life is rather than the way life can be.

Why is it that we can’t seem to create the change we want? Why is it so hard? There are many reasons but lets just focus on one. Your subconscious thoughts are standing in the way. The energy of the subconscious is well ingrained and can be hard to move. It represents a lifetime of beliefs and experiences and these must be retrained if we are to create lasting change. There are many therapies that can be used to retrain the subconscious. In all of these therapies and in everything you set out to do, you will always get better results if you set a proper intention. That is why in Transformational Breathing the most powerful breath sessions occur when we become clear about our intention.

The process is simple yet powerful. It works because of two underlying truths. The Universe and all we are, were and ever will be including our thoughts, is made of energy. Quantum physics confirms this. The second is that energy follows intention. That means when you are clear in your intention, the energy will follow your desires. You can create change at the underlying framework of the Universe. The key is to channel energy through powerful intentions. When you do, life will change. When you don’t, you will be stuck accepting life as is. Life will be painful, routine, and void of joy. Channeling your energy through intention is so powerful that it is the difference between the unchanneled energy of a nuclear bomb or the channeled energy of a nuclear power plant. One is immensely destructive and chaotic; the other is immensely productive and useful.

To begin, set your intention with the end in mind. Set it with the energy you wish to create in your life. If you wish to be less angry, then rather than say “I don’t want to be angry anymore!” say “I am joy!” You can test the strength of these statements. Just feel into them and let your Higher Self tell you which is stronger. Truth will be revealed. Another way to do this is to muscle test the two statements.

Sit quietly and affirm, “I am open and receptive to this exercise.” When you are ready, touch the tip of your index finger and thumb of your dominant hand together so that they form a circle. Take the other hand and do the same such that the fingers of the non dominant hand are inside the circle of the dominant hand. You have now created a chain link with your two hands. Feel the anger that you want to get away from and say “I don’t want to be angry” and as you are saying and feeling it pull your non dominant hand out of the circle while trying to hold the two fingers of the dominant hand together. In most cases you will be able to pull the non dominant fingers out of the circle of the dominant hand. Now create the chain link again and try the other statement while feeling a joyful, happy time in your life. Affirm “I am joy.” In most cases, you will find it more difficult if not impossible to pull the fingers out. The positive affirming statement will always be stronger. If this experiment is not working for you, then you are most likely not feeling the underlying energy of either anger or joy. Like in the nuclear power example above, one energy is destructive and weakens while the other is strong and affirming. The muscle test gives you an idea of the impact such feelings can have when they reside in the body/mind system.

In private breath sessions especially, we take extra time to get very clear about what it is we want. Once we become clear, we affirm these energies in the breath session and work press points that relate to these energies. These techniques, along with the high energy of the breath, create a powerful transformational process. At the end of the session, breathers often feel not just deeply relaxed but also obtain a profound awareness that something within has shifted and what they seek is just around the corner. While we cannot always get that clear about personal intentions in group sessions, it is clear that intentionality is a powerful tool for getting what you want when you know how to properly use it.

Intend a great life! You deserve it!

Dave Krajovic

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