Even In The Quiet Moments


Even In The Quiet Moments

by Miche Lame

When we watch movies, films, and shows, there is always action and drama to catch our attention and keep our interest. But, life is full of quiet moments, the mundane, everyday moments. So, we tend to get bored with our quiet life and look/create drama, even if it’s subconscious. We forget that the true moments in which we live are in the pauses – so the idea of mindfulness is to be mindful of these moments as they are precious, sacred. Being mindful is a start to living in the moment, the present – the wrapped present the Divine gives us.

We are here to learn from these peaceful, holy moments, not just the dramatic ones where we learn how to weather the storms, the drama. We learn from ourselves every day, holy encounters with ourselves and others as we go along our paths towards enlightenment. Remember, in the pause, the in-between moments; we can be present, grounded, and learn while connecting with our souls and others.

As we realize, we are all connected, and quantum physics proves that the universe is in everything as everything is in the universe – the macro=micro, as above so below. It all fits. We fit, are connected. So, even in the mundane, the non-dramatic, the calm, everyday things are filled with sacred moments and events that we encounter and are here to grow on the path to enlightenment and self-actualization. These moments are also here assisting our whole mankind, animals, insects – all that there is – to reach self-actualization.

It begins with each of us contributing our energy, thoughts, and vibration to the whole, increasing the vibration of the whole universe. If we do our part on our way towards self-actualization, we affect others. Remember quantum physics, all are connected and what affects one atom affects every atom and the spaces in between.

We can practice transforming and transcending in small moments – like petting your cat, being mindful during a walk, noticing the sunrise as you drive to yoga, and even enjoying your cup of tea/coffee/smoothie. Practice that and be authentic in those moments. Develop the muscle memory in the calm moments, the everyday moments, so you can start using that muscle memory with friends, being your authentic self, then work, then – the most difficult- with your family of origin. When you are authentic, you are the same person every moment- no matter whom you’re with, what you’re doing, wearing. There are no roles, no pleasing others. It’s a mindful practice, developing step by step the mindfulness to ground and remember to connect with who you are – Divine – and then respond out of love. Even in the small, boring moments.

And, while doing so, raise the vibration to assist all to connect and know their Divinity – even in the quiet moments.


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