Your Full Moon Energy Message


Your Full Moon energy message for April

by Tammy Braswell

This month’s Full Moon is on the 16th in the air sign of Libra and is the first one after the Spring Equinox last month.

Sandwiched between the Aries New Moon on the 1st and the first Solar Eclipse of this year on the 30th, there is a lot of heightened and intense energy to be experienced this month.

Let’s start with a couple of interesting facts about this Full Moon…

  • The moon determines which Sunday Easter falls on because it is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of spring, and is why Easter moves around each year. It is referred to as the Pink Moon because it corresponds with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America.

Now that those facts are shared, let’s get into the energetic side of what this Full Moon has in store for you. 

The energy of Libra invites you to move into a deeper state of peace, harmony, and balance which is the natural state of the higher side of you. 

Your old external conditioning has led you to believe, on an unconscious level, that drama and chaos are normal. Still, the higher side of you only knows inner peace, balance, and harmony and seeks to return to it as often as possible.

The beauty of this time we are collectively in is that everything is pointing you to that way of living as your “new normal” as you release the old parts of who you were that the outer world led you to believe as true.

It is easier to find the peace and joy that you desire when you open yourself up to letting go of that which no longer resonates vibrationally with who you are now and the ever-evolving version of who you are becoming.

The Full Moon’s energy is the perfect time to focus on releasing the heavy energies that still linger in your energy field and body that are coming to the surface to reveal what old beliefs, patterns, and emotions are hidden away there.

It isn’t about judging what is coming up but rather acknowledging that it is still there and deciding what you want to do with it now.

Everything is always about the NOW.

Who you were before today – all versions of you – are incorporated into who you are now. Still, the unprocessed parts can continue to influence your life until you process the old energies of them and bring them to a satisfactory completion for your soul on its journey here.

With that in mind, notice what is coming up for you and be willing to process and heal it to release those heavy energies that are no longer who you are or who you want to be.

The easiest way to notice them is through your physical body and physical experiences, which are the messages for doing so.

Rather than getting caught up in the fear-based energy of viewing them from your human perspective, or at least after you finish doing so, invite them to share their message of healing with you, and they will.

If it isn’t a clear message for you, then seek the support you need to help you with it. It isn’t about doing all of this alone. I’m here for you!

That is why relationships are highlighted with this moon’s energy as well.

Creating a deeper relationship with yourself allows you to move into a state of inner peace and balance within you and your life, bringing clarity to what is going on within your outer relationships.

With the highlighted energy around balance this month, it is easier to notice the imbalances in your relationships and what is coming to the surface.

People often focus on creating outer boundaries to let others know what is okay. Still, when you find peace, balance, and harmony within you, your vibrational frequency will do all that is necessary to move who is a vibrational match into your life and who is not out of your life.

This takes the pressure off of you to pay so much attention to what is going on outside of you and turn your attention inward to where your vibrational frequency is currently at.

Nothing happens outside of you that is not a direct reflection of your internal state.

Change your internal state, and your outer experiences MUST change accordingly to vibrationally match and resonate with where you are.

When you are in a state of peace, balance, and harmony within yourself, your life will reflect that in everything you experience in the fulfillment and satisfaction of your relationships, health, finances, career, spiritual growth, and every area.

It is much simpler than you have been led to believe. However, you have your part to do in it by finding your center of peace, balance, and joy as often as possible, and it will become easier with time as you do. 

Allow the energies of this Full Moon and the month of April to bathe you with their uplifting and upleveling power and love, and access the relief and release they offer you with them too.

Enjoy all the potential and possibilities that are coming your way and are available to you now!

I share this message with love,



Tammy Braswell, The Vibrational Goddess, supports emotionally, intuitively, and energetically sensitive women to heal their past, vibrationally align with their soul’s truth, and live their purpose with confidence, clarity, and connection. Connect with Tammy at and on Facebook in her Your Spiritual Journey Playground: Elevate Your Awakening, Healing & Growth group at


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