Faith and the Power of Affirmation – Part 2


Change yourself, not others

It is always better to affirm positive changes within yourself rather than requesting that other people change. The main thing in life is not that we have this relationship or another; it is not that we have this job or that college education. The main thing for each of us is that we unfold our own unique destiny in the way that is right for us. When we achieve this, all the right experiences, all the good things and people that are meant to come into our lives, will come in the way they are meant to come in order to give us the experiences we need.

If you only use one affirmation…

If you want to select only one affirmation to use in your life, then I would suggest the following. It is totally true and totally spiritual. It is the most positive thing you could possibly affirm and will bring you growth, advancement, and expansion.

“I am the Divine Presence which is creating perfection throughout my whole life.”

– as given in “Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga” by Dr George King

This really is the ultimate affirmation and one of the best times to use it is when you are lying in bed at night, at that point just before you drop off to sleep. Although your conscious mind rests while you sleep, your subconscious mind never rests. This wonderful aspect of mind continues to perform its magic.

The power of positive thought

The benefits of positive thinking are widely known. Like faith, this brings hope, optimism, confidence, joy, enthusiasm and all those positive, constructive qualities that are indications of our spiritual growth.

Why is this so?

It is because thought has tremendous power. While light travels at 186,000 miles per second, thought travels virtually instantaneously. A thought is very fine in nature but is extremely powerful. It can transform us or bring us down. Every time we think, our thought impulses are conveyed to the cells of our body and every time we suffer doubt, confusion or negativity our cells become weaker. This is why in eastern philosophy it is said that our physical body is an outer manifestation of our thoughts.

Once we understand how deeply our own thought patterns affect us, the next step is to learn to control them. We can clarify and focus them through concentration; give them direction through use of our will; purify them through affirmation; uplift them through noble thinking and the study of truth. Then our thoughts become clear and forceful and our greatest friends; slowly but surely the soul, or higher mind, will gain control of our thoughts and our lives. Then, we will no longer be blown like feathers in the winds of change; we will no longer be distracted by the whims of others; by our own doubts and confusion. Then we will be reborn and the butterfly will emerge from the chrysalis of our former self.

It is at the point where our thoughts are noble, born from the higher mind, that character is built. All the people throughout our past and present history, who have moved and inspired us, had character. It shone through their personality as strength, conviction, honor, and integrity. The character is the determining factor in victory. Once character is born then we can add to our noble thoughts, noble acts of kindness, courtesy and consideration to others. Then charm is added to character and this magical combination will attract to itself all the tools it needs on the journey to our destiny.

An exercise you can try!

For the next 24 hours, practice having faith in the divinity within. Focus on positive, constructive things about yourself as well as about everything and everyone you meet. Continue this for three days. Watch everything you say and, if you fall into bad habits, write down what you said and its effects.

At the end of the three days, return to your former ways and watch the results. After several days of only saying constructive things, you may find the approach you had before now seems negative and destructive. Try it for yourself! Treat this as an exercise of discipline for a few days and you may be surprised at how your perception of “reality” changes. You may also be surprised when you become more self-conscious of how much your words affect yourself and others.

Chrissie Blaze


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