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Balancing the Flow of Masculine and Feminine Energies


Your entire body is a doorway to the divine when you actually allow yourself to energetically flow to all of what’s available inside of you. Opening to your purpose and real joy is a courageous act of cultivating feminine and masculine polarities within yourself.

A sensual zest for life can start with a cultivation of the masculine and feminine polarities inside of your energy body. “Masculine and feminine” does not mean gender, but the nature of the qualities they represent. Feminine energy could be described as flow, emotions, softness, stillness, vulnerability, and receptivity. Masculine energy could be described as an action, conviction, hardness, boundaries, and penetration.

A person with an unbalanced masculine core will need to reopen the tenderness in their heart, to move out of a false toxic macho mask. A person with an unbalanced feminine core will need to learn to communicate directly, to move out of being a nag or a bimbo. It has fascinated me in working with men and women over the years how a male-identified person usually needs to develop their feminine to become an empowered man, and a female-identified person usually needs to develop their masculine to become a radiant woman.

In many circles of sacred sexuality and intimacy work, it is commonly said that the woman must be a receptive vessel to a man’s penetrating presence to have a fiery sexual dance. However, what is tragically missed is that a woman must learn how to hold boundaries, to say no, to ask for what she needs and desires, and to deeply respect her own sexual feminine gift from within to be able to receive masculine penetration, without losing herself. A man must embrace his vulnerability, to feel his worthiness beyond productivity, and to be aware of his emotional needs to have the best opportunity for intimate and amazing sex and relationship.

Masculine energy makes a choice and creates a plan. Having some type of plan or vision for your life is life changing. Even if your plan is “wrong” it can get you moving in an empowering direction. YET, what is crucial to know: the ultimate success of a life plan is fundamentally dependent on the feminine energies of emotional self-awareness. This is because as a person listens to their emotional feedback, they can course-correct. This is why if someone is trapped in only masculine energy they will continue to follow a plan or belief system even if it is bringing themselves and others great suffering. Following your heart or going toward what feels ‘light’ (not heavy) in your body will guide you to your divine design. HOWEVER, your emotional radar system will not work if you repress your feminine, feeling energy.

Like a mother holding her child, your emotions are ‘kids’ that just need to be embraced. In their flowing, unpredictable, and illogical nature… emotions are very feminine. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions, you gain access to your greater Self. All of your feelings matter. When you practice holding space for yourself in a non-reactive way (feeling without adding stories of blame), you organically realize… you matter, because you are showing up for your own needs without falling into your feelings. You’re observing from a higher vantage point; “I am not just this emotion, I am everything.”

Emotions are a very small but important part of you. Expecting to take a hammer to your toe and not feel pain is the same as expecting to judge your feeling and feel peace. Real self-love is hard work and requires embracing the small part of you (fear, doubt, anger) that you would rather cut away. This is how we learn to embrace the masculine and feminine polarities within – feeling, coupled with awareness work, to design our best lives and keep moving forward.

Repressing body sensations and emotions block the flow of Source/God through your system. Metabolize your fear, welcome your anger, and embrace your sadness… and you will continually uncover greater dimensions of your Soul.

The feminine polarity provides the creative flow for the masculine polarity to thrive. Once insight is realized through emotional awareness, an action is essential. Consistent steps guided by insight guarantees manifestation and life changes. Masculine energy follows through on a choice, says no to distractions, and protects his/her space. Like a father protecting his house, the masculine energy guards the doors to the sacred and takes a stand for what is right.

I hope to meet you at an upcoming talk or retreat. On June 7th I am facilitating a free talk for the Aphrodite Rising Tribe women’s group. The topic will be, “Why Sensuality is Essential to Spirituality: Opening to the Erotic Divine.” From September 20-23 is the Return To Your Animal Nature Retreat, open to men, women, and non-binary folks. The retreat includes inspirational teachings, fire walking, nature meditations, water ceremony, horseback riding, vegetarian meals, and lodging all for $445.00 if you sign up before July 19th!


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