Family Importance


I like to write about something personal every month, and for December I’ve chosen to write about the beauty and blessings of family. Family is so important, especially when we get older and remember the memories of the past. I just celebrated my 37th wedding anniversary; my husband and I have known each other for 42 years. On our special day, I wished him a happy anniversary, and then stopped and looked back at my married life of 37 years. That is a long time.

I remember one year, I wouldn’t give him his anniversary card because he was not nice! LOL. But then I stopped and remembered what a wonderful family we created. I think that’s where my heart and emotions are. I couldn’t remember a whole lot of things that went on 37 years ago — I’d have to sit and really think about it. But what’s really lovely is that we still love each other, and we still have a beautiful loving family. We are so blessed.

I do many readings and meet so many beautiful people whose families are upside down. At times, people can be more positive and kind than at other times; but overall, I honestly believe that it has to do with our heart and forgiveness and helping others, because it doesn’t matter about yesterday. Families make mistakes or say the wrong thing at the wrong time (I know, I have done it!) or bring in a partner that nobody likes and that can cause a lot of drama. But I have noticed in life that any decision we make is never wrong, it can just make life harder.

We want people to understand and believe in us, and we want love in our lives. How many of us are starting over with new relationships — finding that we can fall in love all over again. Life is never-ending when it comes to love and people and it doesn’t matter what age we are, love can come at any age.

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Love and Light, Pauline


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