Finding True North


Within you is a core of truth by which you may find your way in life.  For most of us accessing it is kind of hit or miss but you can develop the skills to live guided by your own inner compass.  It is a process well worth undergoing.  Here are some ideas of how to find your own true north!
Your inner wisdom uses some of the same pathways as your dreams do.  Paying attention to your dreams can help you gain a foothold into the subtle levels of inner truth.   Dreams will only speak when you pay attention to them.  Keeping a journal beside your bed and making notes each time you wake up of the images and feelings of your dreams will prove to even those who don’t think they dream that they do.  Through regular attention your dream life will become vivid and meaningful.  There are great books that help you interpret dreams.  Edgar Casey is one author whose books you might seek on this subject.  It is a short step from listening to and interpreting your dreams to being better at accessing your intuition.
Making time to be still and pay attention is essential.  Sitting in nature and letting your senses awaken is a great way to learn.  One by one let each sense come alive.  Start by feeling the impact of wind, sun, and temperature on your skin and every part of you.  Then open your ears and pay attention to the most obvious sounds.  Gradually let your hearing become more and more sensitive until you hear the amazing variety of sounds in nature.  Do the same with your senses of smell and then vision.   Then try to be open with all your senses at once.  When you get good at that, practice it while walking.  Walking with all your senses open will help you relax into your heart, belly and root rather than being up in your head. That will prepare you to be able to stay in your body while working spiritually. This is an important skill which many intuitive people don’t know about; being centered in your body while working spiritually helps you to receive intuitive information that is specific to your needs.
Once you learn to be quiet and aware in the outer sense you will be ready to listen quietly within your own body and soul.  Center within your heart and belly and then energetically step back into yourself so that your spine feels like the middle of you instead of the back.  In that space you will find a stillness where you can access Inner Wisdom. Once there, begin by paying attention to your body, asking what it needs or doesn’t need for food and supplements, rest and exercise.  Then do what it tells you.  Following through will build confidence and trust between your body, mind and spirit.  Then move on to other questions, such as asking your inner wisdom to help you decide between options for how to spend your free time.  Center as above and sit with your ideas for a bit until you get a clear feeling (often this comes in your belly and heart) about which choice is best for you.  Then follow that.  Look back on your choice after you have done it to see if you can understand why that was the better option.
Your mind and emotions may have been driving you to fulfill certain outer goals.  Learning to run your life from true north may require adjusting some of those so you can find a deeper guidance that is really right for you.  There is a whole set of soul contracts which you have agreed to on entering this lifetime; by following your inner wisdom you will gradually come into alignment with those. Then life can begin to bring you greater satisfaction and fulfillment than you may have thought possible.  You may be surprised by the directions things go, but you’ll have the sense that it is right for you, which will bring greater confidence and peace.
Finding and following your inner guidance is essential for your soul to reach enlightenment.  It will take practice to distinguish between your mental voice and your deeper true north, but as you get better at doing it, you’ll find that you can trust your inner wisdom.  But these exercises will help and once you have the skill, it is with you wherever you go.  It’s true that the more stressed you are about something, the less accurate will be your interpretation of the messages from within.  However, that is just part of the learning process.  Trusting your inner wisdom you will ultimately learn to trust God.  Trusting God, you learn to let go of worry, stress and fear more quickly and they’ll have less control.  You’ll come to know that you have exactly what is needed to take each step along the way.  Even when you can’t see where a step is leading, you know that you just have to follow the inner guidance one step at a time and ultimately it will all make sense.
Life is full of challenges and pitfalls, but it is also rich with pleasure and meaning when you trust your inner wisdom (which is God within you).  Your inner wisdom is your best friend and wherever you are, there is always a true north.  Practice following your inner wisdom in all matters of life, even the most mundane.  Then when the stakes are high, you will have the trust and skill to find your truth there as well.
Enjoy your journey, and always take your inner compass!




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