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We are bombarded daily with ads for snazzy new drugs, miracle supplements and magical natural energy drinks. However, life and our lifestyle should be all about balance. A holistic approach to wellness cares for the spirit, the mind and the body. Holistic cures seek to get to the root cause of the issue rather than address symptoms, thus restoring balance to the spirit, mind and body.

Our personal belief systems, upbringing and life experience have an influence on the way that we frame our day-to-day experiences. Sometimes an experience that one person views as totally negative, another person may view as a positive. Therein lies an important lesson: What matters more than what happens to us, is how we react to what happens to us. For example, say someone cut you off on the highway. The situation is neither negative nor positive, it just is. How do you react? Do you lay on your horn to let the guy know what he did? Do you simply, slow down to avoid an accident and carry on with your day realizing that it was probably a mistake? Do you chase the guy down and flip him the bird? In that situation, your response determines whether the situation in positive, negative or neither.

The Law of Attraction, when used properly will help you to re-frame your day-to-day experience. You will enjoy, and even begin to anticipate, more positive outcomes. To illustrate, a friend of mine, Eric, was sitting at work one day sulking to himself about how much he hated his job. Usually he’d mention it to one of his workmates sitting nearby, they’d start talking about how greedy his company was, then it would spill over into how bad a place the world is and Eric would leave work feeling crummy most days.

One day Eric decided to try something different. Eric decided to write down all the things he did like about his job: He likes his boss, he works in a safe and clean environment, he could leave his work area at will to stretch and get fresh air, and there were lots of people in his office that he likes to be with.

Eric was so proud of his list he decided to send it to Alicia and she, in turn, shared with him her list of what she liked about her job AND what the conditions would be like at her ideal job. They both had a positive impact on each other’s mood. That illustrates how the Law of Attraction works. When Eric was focusing on negative thoughts, his situation became even more negative. When Eric focused on positive things, he got more of the same. Focusing on positive things increases your point of attraction, helping you to quickly manifest your desires.

Chris Lee

Chris is the founder of Lifepath Coaching & Consulting, LLC. 23023 Orchard lake Road, Suite A1. Farmington, MI 248-962-8422. See his ad in the Mind Body Spirit Center on page 16 for more information on the services he offers.



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