Key to Letting Go


Life on planet Earth is undergoing a paradigm shift. We are moving out of the experience of feeling separate from God that has made us feel blocked and limited in so many ways. What we are moving toward is the experience of God within each of us and within all forms of life and all experiences. I use the term God, not as a religious term, but because it is the closest word in my vocabulary for that state of absolute oneness and unconditional love.

2011 has been hump year for the transition. Once over the hump I expect we will find things flowing easier. For now, while we may sometimes feel more alive and clearer than ever before, we may alternately feel unduly stressed, emotionally uncomfortable or have physical symptoms of inflammation and toxicity. Rest assured the end result of this journey into the new world paradigm will be more than worth any discomfort. From Ascended Master St. Germain who is a great leader in spirit helping us through this transition, I understand that we are about 3 years ahead of schedule. So the changes on the planet are about 70% easier than many predictions had led us to expect.

The illusion of separation from God and other life forms was a way to build souls strong and independent enough to embody unique facets of God within many individuals instead of everyone being one big God Being. Now we are letting go of the illusion of separation and reclaiming our unity with God but still maintaining our individual selves.

A key to a smoother transition is to remind yourself you are a part of God and that anything you experience which tells you otherwise is simply an illusion. From that perspective you can accept and then release the uncomfortable experiences as they arise instead of resisting or identifying with them, which gets you caught up in the old paradigm experience.

Here are 4 steps which help you to first accept and then let go of discomfort and negativity.

1 – Center – Imagine you are stepping back into yourself until you feel as far behind your spine as in front of it. This puts you in the middle of your aura. Then breathe into your heart chakra and find that still clear place within where you are whole and connected to God. This is a center of your truth. Rest within that center of truth and understand that any discomfort you experience comes from elements of life which need help to be connected with God.

2 – Focus – From within that center of your truth, invite God to enfold any negative state within a field of unconditional love. Provide a focus for God to do that by pointing at the places within your body and aura where you are experiencing the distress. These things may seem bigger than your personal body and aura, so point at it wherever it seems to be. God’s unconditional love will enfold the stuff that your pointing focuses it into.

3 – Let Go – Allow God to scoop it all up. If it doesn’t feel like it is going, look within for the place where it is stuck and point at that place inviting God to surround it. Then wait for it to clear. It may take a few minutes, but shortly, you will feel that things lighten up and lift out of your experience.

4 – Re-center yourself as in step 1 and allow the light of God within you and around you to restore harmony and bring you deeper into unity with God.

Just to clarify, the old paradigm experience includes states of fear, hatred, judgment, blame, loneliness, lack, jealousy and competition among others. There are other symptoms you may experience during your transition out of the old world paradigm and into the new which can also be dealt with through the 4 steps. Among others these may include physical pain that moves around or tends to get stuck temporarily in joints or organs of your body, anxiety, tiredness, impatience and frustration. The 4 steps will help you to address these issues rather than trying to suppress them or judge yourself for having them. Sometimes the symptoms may seem like serious health issues. However, if they are really about your ascension to the new paradigm they won’t really be physical and you won’t be able to get a clear medical diagnosis and it will go away with time. These kind of symptoms are only a temporary reaction to something stuck that is blocking your ability to ascend. Try the 4 steps first and see what happens.

The key to making your journey easier is to identify with your true self which is an aspect of God (step 1 helps you do that). Then to accept (rather than resisting or stuffing) the challenges you are experiencing as something to be given to God (step 2). And then let go (Step 3). Step 4 helps you to bring your truth into places within which have just been cleared of old baggage and helps tune those parts of you to your truth.

At times on this journey you will feel freer, more whole and alive than ever before. Celebrate that! Don’t worry if you swing back to the old stuff. When that happens you are then in position to release more of the old so you can have more of the new. That process is necessary at this stage of our journey. When we get over this hump year the progress of change will get smoother and easier. By letting go of the old so you can live more in your truth, you make it easier for others to do the same. That’s a nice service to yourself and the planet! A Healing and Ascension Treatment may be helpful with issues that the 4 steps don’t resolve and which are spiritual, but feel physical or otherwise stressful.

I wish you gentleness and ease in your ascension to the new world where you will experience unconditional love, wholeness and unity with God and all of life.

Eve Wilson


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